Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Progression of Halloween.

It isn't easy. Yes, it isn't the dreaded Holiday Christmas for our Autism-Sensory driving kiddos; but its a close second. Halloween.

Where for some odd reason, you dress up, go to strangers homes, demand candy and leave. But, have you actually sat down with a warm cup of tea (or a glass of wine) and wondered what our children/adults with ASD are actually experiencing? I do. I think it would go something like this for Owen and Ben.

"I hate clothes, mom knows this - yet, now she not only wants me to wear clothes, she wants me to wear clothes of some cartoon character I mildly enjoy all day. Its itchy; it doesn't feel like my regular clothes, she is making me wear Harry Potter glasses and have gel in my hair... but I will keep it on because I am out in public, and if I strip mom is going to be pissed. I don't want any other type of candy than aero bars - that's it. If I get something different, I am going to throw it on the street as we are walking, and hopefully mom won't catch me. Are you serious it is raining? It is raining and she is expecting me to go outside to houses I don't know, and actually expect me not to strip naked when my clothes get wet? how am I going to keep my shit together? and all these new people that I have no clue what their names are, and all they do is talk and yell? All I want to do, is go home, take my clothes off, play on my iPad, eat my aero bars I found, and be with my dad." That is how I envisioned their perception of our Halloween this year.

But, it has been the best Halloween yet.

Here is the progression for Owen and Ben over the years, notice costume selection.

Owen's 1st Halloween.. the original Scooby Doo 2007

(I don't have Owen's 2nd Halloween for some reason?!)

Owen's 3rd Halloween - just going to families houses 2009

Owen's 4th Halloween - Where the issues REALLY began - 2010

Could not keep the mask on; was driving him crazy

Trick or Treating was a NIGHTMARE

Owen's 5th Year - no mask, was now familiar, was getting better
Also we discovered he can tolerate hats, but not masks. - 2011

His Brothers first Halloween as well

Was much better at going to peoples houses, with my assistance 

Owen in 2012 - Wearing a light, no mask Halloween costume!

Owen, Ben and Maddie this year - 2013! Rockstars.

Owen as Harry Potter - kept glasses on!

No going to the doors anymore with Mom!

It has been a progression; but I am so impressed at how far they have all come, especially the boys!

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!

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