Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Dream.

When I began writing this blog in March 2010, it was because my Nana told me when she was going through one of the hardest times in her life; she would journal. Being Vanessa, I took it to a new level, and I began to blog.I choose to make this blog public; because my way of thinking was, "why answer the same question over and over again", when I can post it here and whoever gives a shit can come and read it.

I thought I am literally the only person in my life that has a child with Autism. None of my friends at this point even had other male children, let alone a child with a disability. So I didn't have anyone to turn too that would understand fully, so I turned inward into myself, and that is when Owenandbensjourney,blogspot.ca was born. Never would I think and plan of topics to write, I just began to write about our life, the ups and downs, the puddles and jumps Autism would take us on, and by June 2012, it was x2.

Never, ever, in a million years would I even think this blog could be created into a book. But what was stopping me? A blog with almost 30,000 views began to take on a life of its own, being read as far as Australia, UK, New Mexico. When you Google Autism, we are a top link for blogs. Then there was a sign. I was the sign - so I began to look for a publishing company.

I emailed 2 on my own; both in Canada, both stating after I sent in my Query Letter, Synopsis, and Bio it would be 4-6 weeks until I hear, if I heard anything. Then I was pointed in this direction again, this time, by my friend and fellow ASD mom, Christie. Christie messaged me, as she was a member of the FB group Autism Speaks, and a publisher who himself has Aspergers and has written over 40 books about his life and personal journey living with Autism. He was looking for parents to tell their story; it was a sign. I went for it.

Fast Forward to right now; in 3 days he took our story on. My blog is so huge, it will be split into 3 separate books in a series. Book 1 is now released; and as of tomorrow, can be purchased on Amazon, or as of right now they can be purchased on my website here.

These books are compilation's of my blog; they are the blog posts made into a book with some changes made here and there. I think I am still in shock, and cannot thank my Publishing Company Breeding Publishing enough for all they have done for me. Having Autism be the forefront in our family, it meant even more to me to have Travis, our publisher, have Autism as well. Raising more awareness and education is what this blog was for, and created for.

Click RIGHT HERE to go to Breeding Publishing's website ( I am under More; Breeding Authors)

                                                (This picture is the Cover for the 1st Book)

I thank you all for continuing to read, support, and help us raise awareness, acceptance and advocacy. I am hoping to continue to speak to schools and organizations about Autism, and to keep telling our story.

- Vanessa


  1. WTF????.....ive been rather absent of late.....but am over the moon that I chose today to catch up!....well done Vanessa....im air punching and high fiving you from here in big ol Australia......im off to discover what else has been going on in your world....I think I better hold onto my seat!

    Allison x

  2. Allison!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! I shut my FB down for a while, so you might not be on there, ADD ME BACK!!!!! - Vanessa Coens!!!! Things have been amazing!! Xo Thank you for the biggest air high fives and air punches!!! Xox