Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sensory Swim


The old Ben would meltdown when the sight of water came into his vision; and it has been a Full Time job to work on his Sensory issues regarding water.

So, Ryan implemented Operation look like a bad parent to typical parents but I know what I need to do to push Ben into loving the water Part 1.

This operation went into full mode the last time we went to the Great Wolf Lodge. Ben (with age) has gotten used to the water, but that is the end. He would not attempt jumping into the water, or heaven forbid enjoy himself what so ever. When the waves would turn on, he would scream and run out of the water; and I had to really try my best not to laugh my head off and look concerned to the other traumatized parents surrounding us.

This time in October, it went much better. As parents were in the water near us, Ryan made Ben jump into his arms in the water over and over; and through 20 minutes of tears and stares, Ben began to enjoy swimming in the water.

So why a meltdown at Sensory Swim at the Children's Centre?

Because all fun times must come to an end; the transition to leave the pool.

Even with a visual schedule helping with ending the swim session, Ben wanted to stay. Me, trying to bribe him with going to the daycare at the gym didn't work (that ALWAYS works!) instead, it was 20 minutes of, "stay at pool".. as we were walking to our car in the parking lot, driving to the gym.... and it finally ceased when we got to the daycare in Goodlife.

The swim itself was fantastic. This is how the Monday morning went down;

We arrived at 9:15am after dropping big bro Owen off at Bethesda, and Ben was so excited. We met his OT Sally in the waiting area, and we headed down to the pool... which is more like an amazing bath with cartoons all over the walls. There are 3 other boys in the class, all ranging in abilities - and for once in our NCC career, Ben is the most advanced. The other boys are so sweet, and after meeting them all, we were ready to get in the pool.

We did different gross motor activities; Kicking in the water, learning to blow bubbles, sorting colours into buckets and taking big steps to get to the coloured plastic balls, and using floaties! Ben had an amazing time, and like I said when it came time for the good-bye song, Ben's meltdown took over.

But; he is striking up conversations with his granny about it; so at least his meltdowns mean he loves his Sensory Swim.

Today was week 2 - and he did even better leaving the pool, after the, "Goodbye" pool song today. He is using his self-regulation, participating in a group, and really working his gross-motor skills. I could not be happier of the progress he has made just in 2 weeks; as long as I bring a transition cookie and we go to the gym after so mommy can, "workout" - we good.

- Vanessa

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