Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Not your traditional way of being thankful.

The last couple years I have made lists of why and what I am Thankful (click here for last year) for celebrating one of my favourite Holidays; Canadian Thanksgiving.

I am going to make a list today of what (and who) I am thankful. It will be sappy, funny, and might make people in my life pissed off; remember - this is my blog, and I can write whatever I want, don't like it stop reading and don't post it to your FB wall :)

- I am thankful firstly, for the people living under this roof - they make the days worth living, the fights worth fighting, the tears worth shedding.
- I am thankful for my extended family; for always being there for us in the shortest amount of time, for being people we can rely on, and for being the apple of our kids eyes. The love, support, and acceptance is all that we have ever wanted for our children; ASD or not.
- I am thankful for having time away from my job, to focus on myself, my marriage, and my children. Not a lot of people are able to do that.
- I am thankful for realizing what is important; who is important; and having the ability to reach out for help.
- To be reminded what makes me, "me" and to be happy with that girl.
- To have had the one in a million chance to have a complete and total makeover and to admit I was stuck in a fashion rut and learn something from it.
- To have learned this year to admit when I am being wrong, selfish, and plain nasty.
- I addition to the statement above, to applaud myself for standing up for my feelings and not being a doormat to anyone in my life.
- To take in all the little moments I will never get back as a mother; the cuddles at night watching movies, waiting at the bus stop (even though I would rather be watching Dr. Phil on the coach), field trips, and all the drives back and forth to Bethesda.
- I am thankful for friends in our life that have become chosen family. Your love, support, and encouragement are the fuel that keeps our family moving full speed ahead.
- I am thankful for the hours Ryan puts in at work; and appreciative.
- Though I am not, "thankful" for Autism in our lives, I am thankful for the lessons it has taught us, our family, and our community. That I truly believe Autism made me the parent that I should be, and I don't think I would have been without it.
- I am thankful I gave birth to a boy who is moving mountains everyday, and has his sister and brother in hand along the way.
- I am thankful that we are able to provide; not only a home, car to get around, and food; but we are able to live a full and happy life.
- I am thankful for being healthy, for keeping all that weight gained off, and for being able to run around with my children and not struggle.
- I am so glad I have the ability to speak in public without feeling nervous about Autism. To raise awareness for my sons, always.

Lastly; I am thankful for every breath of air I am given to breath. I am thankful for life; sometimes it isn't the greatest, it is hard. Life makes me want to punch it in the face and kick it in the balls; but without it, I wouldn't have my family under this roof. Life has taught me to be patient, to love, to encourage, to give, and to realize when to stop.

Happy Thanksgiving BlogWorld.

Vanessa Xo

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