Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dreading 30; and making the best of it.

I was told today, we all have a number.

Meaning; we have a number we dread age wise to meet one day. Some, that number is 25 (dude, that's a 1/4 of a century!) some (like yours truly) is 30 - could be half your life over?! and the list goes on and on. I need to keep busy, keep my mind wondering - and when surfing the internet last week, I thought THAT'S IT! I am going to make my own 30 goals before I turn 30 this exact time next year.

I have a lot to be proud of in my 29 years on this Earth; I have not only been married once, but twice! I have 3 beautiful children, I have 2 families that love us unconditionally, we own 2 houses, we have careers, own 2 cars, both finished high school, went to College - all in all, I have had a good life. But I want more.

I want to not only just be around and be the wife, mom, daughter, granddaughter and friend; I actually want to live. I do want to travel more this year, finish our home, do things just for me - and it takes a big person to admit you want to do things for yourself in your life too.

Here is my list; and I am pretty happy to have crossed off cleaning out our front closet - it just collects, and collects, and collects! Bye bye old winter coats, boots, shoes and shit - donated. :)

1 - Take a vacation by myself
2 - Get a 5th tattoo
3 - take a cooking class
4 - Give blood
5 - Volunteer
6 - Go on a girls vacation
7 - Get in the best shape of my life
8 - walk the Gorge
9 - play tourist in Niagara Falls
10 - be a real wino; go on a wine tour
.11 - go to a concert 
12 - Make a retirement plan
13 - say yes for an entire week
14 - Pay for someone in drive thru behind me
15 - watch classic movies I havent watched in years
16 - Take a family vacation
17 - Ride a bike again
18 - admit I need eye glasses - wear them.
19 - Run for charity
20 - clean out our front closet
21 - Go back to Florida
22 - Pay off debt
23 - Teach Owen not to co-sleep
24 - Read a book
25 - smile at strangers
26 - donate to the animal shelter
27 - go to Alberta
28 - dress up for Halloween
29 - teach our kids how to skate
30 - fix our backyard

Vanessa Xo.

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