Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Autism vs. Picture Day

Pictures never came easy to Owen; in fact - meltdown central.

At home it was never a big deal; he didn't want to smile for me or pose I got over it, because it never was expected of him - I had bigger fish to fry with this boy at the age of 2. When he entered Preschool when he was 3 years old, Picture day came.

Complete and utter meltdown; to the point that his teacher Mrs. Sue had to hold him to relax. When Owen entered JK at Cherrywood, this was a fear of mine, that he would be awful. So, we had a plan in place.

1 - Give Owen fidget toys for him to sit
2 - make funny faces.

- end of plan.

What his EA and I learned after picture day for JK, was that Owen was fine until he had to wait so long. His picture didn't turn out half bad, but we kept it in the memory bank that when he was in SK we would put him near the front.

Enter SK. Plan;

1 - Owen gets fidget toys.
2 - Put Owen near the front of the line.
3 - funny faces.


Fast forward to yesterday; Grade 1 Picture Day.

Owen was looking dashing; in his dark jeans, button down flannel shirt - he was making this Picture Day his bitch; and I couldn't be prouder. He let me comb his hair, put man mold in his hair to try and make the cowlick part of his hair in a good way, and I brushed his teeth. There was no plan this year; all I wrote in his communication book to his new EA is that putting him at the front of the line helps; because I feel like this year Owen's got this.

And if he doesn't; it will be a hilarious picture.

- Vanessa

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