Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why I took a break - and why I am back.

I cannot say that life for us is easy; and I am nervous to admit we have fallen into a hole and so quickly trying to dig out from.

My leave of absence from this blog, while awful and not therapeutic for me, it was necessary. Owen and Bens progress as always been the number 1 priority with this blog, and having the ability to express my feelings has been such a God send to me; this blog has helped me through some of the toughest times in our Autism life; but what if the toughest times we have faced this summer had nothing to do with my Special Needs Children?

Welcome to a 3 month break from reality.

Without giving all the gory details; this summer we have really had to work to save our marriage. They say you change every 5 years of your life; and I think for the both of us that change was this year. Not only did this blog suffer for our relationship, my Facebook page, text messages, and outside world was effected as well. I am happy to say, through marriage counselling, effort, appreciation, love, compassion, and patience, we are working on our marriage. Sometimes when you think something is so close to being over, and you feel like not being together is easier for all involved; some situations are so hostile that it is true, ours isn't. I look at my children with their father, I look at our life; there has always been more good than bad - and when both hearts want to work on something and save it; then they will. We both agreed us trying to save it is better than not trying at all.

With every struggle, comes great rewards- we breed rockstars. Owen and Ben are on fire. Their summer was filled with therapy at Bethesda for one; and Ben was able to attend camp this summer at Bethesda as well, and loved it. Back to school has been difficult for Owen; Maddie slid back in easily, Owen not so much. He is taking his time to learn his routine; but now almost a month in he is getting there. We have an amazing EA once again this year, little hiccups (like a big opening at the side of the school) was fixed very quickly after voicing my concern. Owen requires visuals to be successful, and as soon as pylons were placed in the opening he doesn't go near there - rockstar.

Onto today - today, 29 years ago, I escaped my mothers vagina.

I am having a rough go with it; I don't feel I am 29; I don't feel like I am now in my 30th year - I think that is what makes it so hard getting older when you don't feel like it. To deal with this, I have made a, "30 Goals By 30!". Here is my list; and I welcome ANY company while completing them! I only require that pictures have to be taken as proof :)

1 - Take a vacation by myself
2 - Get a 5th tattoo
3 - take a cooking class
4 - Give blood
5 - Volunteer
6 - Go on a girls vacation
7 - Get in the best shape of my life
8 - walk the Gorge
9 - play tourist in Niagara Falls
10 - be a real wino; go on a wine tour
.11 - go to a concert 
12 - Make a retirement plan
13 - say yes for an entire week
14 - Pay for someone in drive thru behind me
15 - watch classic movies I havent watched in years
16 - Take a family vacation
17 - Ride a bike again
18 - admit I need eye glasses - wear them.
19 - Run for charity
20 - clean out our front closet
21 - Go back to Florida
22 - Pay off debt
23 - Teach Owen not to co-sleep
24 - Read a book
25 - smile at strangers
26 - donate to the animal shelter
27 - go to Alberta
28 - dress up for Halloween
29 - teach our kids how to skate
30 - fix our backyard

I hope you continue to read, and keep on our journey through Autism, Owen entering grade 1, and my quest to the 30's Club in 2014!

- Vanessa

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