Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Friday, September 27, 2013

Mama Bear; Unleashed.

Since the beginning of the school year, my children have been the only kids on the street that attend the public school, the rest are Catholic. The bus stop for both schools are together; and it is on the corner almost across the street from our home.

Our neighbour moved in about a year ago, and she asked me one day in the summer about the public school, where the bus picks up the kids, etc. After giving her all the information, I was asked if I would be able to watch her nephew who is coming to live with her from Jamaica. I didn't mind at all, my kids go on the same bus, it was only for a half an hour; Ryan and I agreed.

We could tell right away he has not had discipline, but I feel VERY awkward disciplining other peoples children; I don't feel comfortable. Then a few days in of watching him, I could tell he wasn't nice to animals, and yelled at my kids a lot. He has not been around children really, and had no rules; so I spoke with is Aunt. She is wonderful, and agrees with everything we have noticed, and even confirmed a lot.

Yesterday; was like every morning. He comes over at 8am, kids are excited to see him - then it begins. He starts chasing the dogs, so nagging Vanessa pops out. Then he starts to make fun of Owen as we pack up to leave for the bus stop; I let the first one slide as it wasn't about Owen, it was about how he loves his iPad. Then, Owen was calling me and when I came to answer him, the boy was making fun of how Owen calls me, "mom". Done. In that moment, I tried to explain that we do not make fun of people in our house, especially how people speak. He began to ask questions, so I said (like I explain to the classrooms every year) that Owens brain works differently than ours, he has Autism. Obviously the boy didn't understand, and I said I will be coming to his class to talk more.

I can't defend Owen everywhere, when he hops on that bus I let go and I don't take over till I pick him up at school for Bethesda. But, in my house - that shit doesn't fly.

- Vanessa

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  1. Good for you "mom" You did the right thing. And don't feel guilty, if he is in your home, he has to follow your rules!!!