Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, September 30, 2013

Appreciate Your Dad; you only get one.

I have a stage 5 clinger that is my ultimate best friend; her name is Maddie Coens.

Her and I have a love that people yearn for with their mothers; we are best friends. I feel her love when she looks at me, when she just wants to cuddle on the couch and watch tv, and when she plays with the hair on my head and makes me fall asleep. I appreciate this little girl; her love for her 2 brothers, her care and compassion for our fur babies, her help around the house - all in all, she is the ultimate daughter.

Then there's her dad.

Maddie is quote confused with her love;  I think she almost believes that she cannot love both parents at the same time. She wants to go with me to the store, actually; anytime I leave the house, she is right on my hip. I love that we spend so much time together; but the relationship is suffering with her dad.

While we were sitting at the dinner table last week, I was planning on getting Owen at Bethesda while Ryan was going to take one child grocery shopping. Maddie right away wanted to stay with me; but I felt in my heart she needed to spend more time with Ryan. As she was freaking out because she wanted to stay with her mom, I got to say something I have wanted to say to her for a while now when she is not nice to her dad. I looked at her while we were still at the dinner table and I said to her,

 Me - Do you think Mommy has a daddy?
 Maddie - Yes
Me - No, I don't - I have never really had one like you do.
Maddie - shocked face.
Me - So you need to love and be nice to your daddy, you only get one.
Maddie went to the grocery store with Ryan, came home, and was excited to tell me all about the school snacks she got. Since then, (1 week ago) no more crying when I leave the house without her, she kisses her dad goodnight and good morning, and hugs him all the time.

I love my girl and how much she loves me to death; but I really love and admire the relationship that her and Ryan have, he kicks all those deadbeat dads asses; and to be honest, gives some other amazing dads a run for their money.

- Vanessa

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