Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Autism won this weekend.

With age comes changes; I always get to brag about how wonderful my children are. I can take them out anywhere, do anything; yes, for sure we have meltdowns when we have to leave a fun place or get cranky when we are tired, but this weekend was a complete wake up call- Autism took over our weekend, and it was awful.

We started this weekend great; we spent Friday together; watching hockey, having dinner at home - taking it easy; then.. Saturday hit.

It is summertime, every Saturday Ryan has rugby, and usually (unless it is a home game) this is an all day event. So, it is my whole day with the kids; and I love it. We kept busy, we did gardening in the front and then we went to my friends daughters 2nd birthday party. Owen loves birthdays; like is obsessed. He loves the whole process, the candles, the singing, the presents; everything. I tried to prep him as best I could that we could not stay as Maddie had cheer leading, I gave him visual cues, told him, "5 minutes we are leaving", and it wasn't good enough; he lost it, and he lost it bad.

We got to our car, and he was reffing on my seat, yelling, screaming, didn't want his iPad, just would not calm. When we arrived to cheer leading, it is the same place that Owen had gymnastics with Autism Ontario. He wasn't understanding this was for Maddie, not for him. So he continued to spell his name to me (claiming it was for him) and I would spell back, he was crying, his face was red, he was screaming; it was getting to me.

He refused to eat dinner, he refused to listen to me; it was bad, like really bad. This continued picking Maddie up; so much I pulled into an empty parking lot to calm myself down. We went home; he finally calmed and was so worn out he got ready for bed. Today, same story.

No patience, very mouthy, not listening, lied to his dad about going to the bathroom and the snuck on the computer because he didn't want to eat his dinner. He acted out at my nanas house, would not listen to Ryan, and tried to take off on me in Canadian Tire. I thought maybe he is just acting out on me, but he was doing it all for his father as well. This was a weekend we have never had; not this bad. I actually felt the Autism was taking over; and it was stressful and so very frustrating.

I couldn't stop the behaviours, I couldn't scare it out of him, I couldn't reason with him, he didn't understand; I felt as if I was lost and he just couldn't stop. It is scary that this could be what is to come in our future; but also like Ryan said, sometimes bad moods hit everyone at different times; and this was for sure a very awful bad mood weekend, a weekend I would not want to see anytime soon.

Here's to a MUCH calmer week ahead.


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