Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sometimes it takes having surgery to relax.

Our life is a madhouse. We are non-stop, especially now with 25 hours a week Owen is spending at Bethesda, I basically live in our car. The kids go on the bus, Ben goes to school, I go workout, pick Ben up, pick Owen up, back to Bethesda - back home for either work or for Maddie off the bus; it is a crazy routine, but it is still OUR routine, and it took something as major as a surgery for me to relax.

I had my Gallbladder removed Tuesday the 9th, exactly a month sooner than it was supposed to be removed, but they had an opening and wanted it out while it was not bothering me, so it came out. Experience was just like the other times I have been in for surgery, nurses joked about how many times I am there, was hard to get up this time, felt very dizzy, but still not the worst surgery I have had.

This has forced me to put my crazy routine into the hands of my husband; and I have to tell you, that has been no easy task for him or myself. He has been responsible for getting the kids to school, getting Owen to and from Bethesda; and it has been difficult for me to put that in the hands of someone else; but he is doing it. He works midnights, so getting up after only 3 hours of sleep is not good for him, but for me, he is; and after 3 days of laying on the couch and watching how busy our life actually is it makes me appreciate the time I am having with the kids so much while I am off from work.

Because we know how quickly this is going to end, and work will be back in my vision.

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