Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, March 4, 2013

March could be my most Favourite month.. Ever.

Good things about March -

-Ryan and I will be celebrating 7 years together on March 5th

-March 17th is St. Patrick's Day (totally my people's holiday... who can not love green beer, kissing random people, and everyone wanting to be Irish like you?)

-March 17th 2010, Owen was diagnosed by Dr. Snyder with having Autism. Why would that be in the favourite area of this month? We were opened up to a whole new world of support, friends that understood that we would have never met before, and opportunity for Owen.

-March 20th  is the first day of spring this year, I love spring. You are reminded that everything that once was gone, grows back more beautiful than ever, spring to me is hope.

-I get 2 Stats for work because of March, (early Easter) :)

-Ben was "technically" due March 3rd

My new favourite reason? - On March 6th, Owen will officially start IBI through Bethesda. We have been waiting 6 months shy of 3 years on this wait list; which would have been longer if not 1, but 2 families declined service. We were on the list at the right time; and because of that, in a week; Owen has moved from number 3 to next starting on Wednesday.

After meeting Owen's senior therapist, and the other co-coordinators, we signed the consent forms, and made Owen's schedule. Here is a sample of Owen's schedule; I am posting this, so you can understand the first I in IBI (Intensive).. This is everyday of the week but the weekend, for several hours, plus Owen will be going to school when he is not at Bethesda, this is a commitment which is hard on parents to make, and is a big life change for the child.

Mondays - 9-12 & 1-4 - at our home
Tuesdays - 1pm-5pm at Bethesda
Wednesdays - 1pm-7pm at Bethesda
Thursdays - 1pm-7pm at Bethesda
Fridays - 1-4pm at Bethesda

(Some we are changing)

Intense eh? Owen is only guaranteed 6 months of service, if in that 6 months he is showing IBI is not benefiting him (as in he is not making progress, or he is making too much progress and actually doesn't need it and can go back into typical school setting) then he will be finished. Obviously, we hope he stays in for at least a year after waiting this long :)

I am excited to keep you all updated on this new journey Owen is going to be on; the ins and outs of IBI and how it will effect him, our family, and life. It makes all the research we have been a part of, the assessments, the therapies, the appointments, the stress, the worry, the love, the support, the fundraisers, the commuting - it makes it all worth it come Wednesday.


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