Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Grateful for my daughter.

I know everyone will say their child (or children) are better than yours; and give out facts, whether funny or not, that makes it true in their hearts. We all have that soft spot for our children, they are the only ones we can tolerate (on most days), they are the best and the brightest, good at this, better at that - and I am going to take this opportunity as a mom and brag; I my friends, have the best daughter around.. here's why.

Maddie likes to point out my shirts (wrote about that before) she now can recognize the word, "Autism, Owen and Ben". She is smart, because a couple months ago this little girl felt what anyone would feel, being left out. Not now. I have taught her that the most important, "Autism" article mommy wears is everyday, and it is on my wrist. Then, Maddie will touch all three symbols and call out which one is her, and her brothers. I have taught her the pink star on the exclamation point is her, she is my rockstar.

For 2 months, she would point and tell me again what colour are her brothers, what it means - and end the conversation with, "and I am the pink star, cause I am a rockstar". Yes you are, is always my reply. Then it transferred to going to the bathroom, "mom!! I wiped my bum all by myself! cause I'm a rockstar?" Yes, you are.

She never forgets it; and I hope she never will.

Fast forward to today; I am getting ready to go and drop Owen off at Bethesda Camp; and take the other 2 to Autism Ontario's Movie morning. We were in my little bathroom, where I have 2 pictures hanging up.

Maddie; Mom, what's that say?
Me; All you need is love.
Maddie; oh.
Maddie; what is that one?
Me; what do you think it is?
Maddie; Autism.
Me; Yes, it is puzzle pieces for Autism (thank you again Victoria!)

Next part.

Maddie; Ben and Owen have Autism, and they are boys. Mom and Maddie don't, and we are girls.
Me; Yes, they have Autism - they are boys, you are right.
Maddie; Daddy doesn't either
Me; well.. he does.
Me; yes, all the boys.

Best part hands down.

Maddie; Mom, Snookie is a girl (our dog) so she doesn't have Autism, BUT Percy does (our dog), cause he is a boy too! Puppy has Autism.
Me; I love you.

I am pretty sure her logic is amazing, and I love her to death.