Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, January 21, 2013

Number 4 - There is a light.

Wait lists suck - I said it. They are awful, we wait for referrals to Doctors, we wait for specialist appointments, we wait for surgery dates - we wait, and wait and wait. These wait times, although as frustrating as hell, they are not 3 years - they are not the wait list for government funded IBI therapy.

In the past 2 months of being on this wait list, Owen has had a significant jump - from number 21, now as of today, he is number 4. He finally is 4 out of 102 children waiting for therapy, in 3 weeks we will hit 3 years since he was diagnosed, and July will be 3 years on this waitlist, the same one Ben just got onto = anotherr 3-4 year wait for Ben.

We had our meeting today - the meeting we find out what IBI is (butttttt we work at Bethesda, so a lot of this was just a reminder), and the choice we will have to make for Owen - if we want to stick with Bethesda or go with our own provider.  I have a pro's and con's list for going with Bethesda I would like to share;

PRO                                                                                 CON

- we work there                                                             - we work there
-closer to our home, as a Niagara Falls location              - still in Thorold for the beginning
-we have a great comfortable relationship with the staff   - staff know us personally
-all sessions will be filmed                                             - can be discharged after only 6 months
-we can drop in when we want                                       - cannot enter school in schoolboard
-Therapists have to maintain a 90%  average                   - have no say in team with Owen
-Owen is treated like a King when he is there                   - At home sessions.. ughhhhh.
-Owen loves Bethesda (aka Nametag)                             - confidentiality
-Ryan and I are treated very well
-Meet our whole team before hand     

Regardless, this is going to be such a huge adjustment for Owen, and honestly, for our whole family. Owen will be getting 24 minimum hours per week of therapy, that we will be juggling with him in Grade 1. I am excited this is going to be happening for him soon, (Latest May but they are thinking sooner) we have been waiting so long, and he is in need of some sort of intervention now. We have been having more and more problems at school, Owen is now becoming aggressive, which was my one fear. He had a very rough day today I knew it when he left the house.

He was so upset with me; to be honest, I was being a nag (Owen get your clothes on, please go pee, Owen eat your breakfast, Owen coat and boots) pretty rough, eh? Today my note consisted of Owen trying to bite his teacher and then hit his EA, stuff we have never "really" seen from him before; but I know he is getting older and things change; so entering IBI would greatly help this.

So for now, we patiently wait... and waiting will not be as hard as it was, knowing there finally is a light at the end of our first IBI tunnel.


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