Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Friday, November 2, 2012

The month of being a VIP'er to the Niagara Falls General Day Surgery Unit, and slacking on writing to heal.

Thank God I am 28. Thank God that I am a non-smoker, non diabetic, and young that I can heal like friggin superman. Finally, thank God that I married a surprisingly supportive husband of all my choices this Fall, just in all, I am thankful.

The last time I wrote, was October 4th, and for my, "regulars" I am sorry. I have wanted to write so bad, but just could not find the time energy to do so; but after seeing a friend who is equally busy sit down and get er' done, there was officially no reason. The worst part you ask? I have had TONS of crap to write about, not only about my adventures but also about trials and tribulations with each child, so you wanted an update? I will give you a long, picture filled, update :)

Let's recap; one of the last posts I wrote about, and opened up about a very personal and difficult choice, was I choose to have a Tubal Ligation surgery on September 7th. This surgery was my choice, my choice to not have any more children. I will not go into the whole thing again, if you want to read the reasons click here and read up. The recovery was difficult, more difficult than what I was prepared for, and warned about from the women in my family that had it done as well, and many years previous, so I should have recovered quickly and didn't. Then I found out why.

After much pain, and getting an emergency ultrasound, the results came back that I have several upon several small and large gallstones, that apparently I have had for years. After my tube tying surgery, something was irritated in my gallbladder, that made them, "active". So every time I ate a yummy meal from McDonald's or a slice of pizza, I was in SEVERE pain, and never thought to even think of my gallbladder, I just chalked it up to being a sore side and back from the surgery (why would I think anything was wrong?! I am young and fit; like horse)`Apparently there is. Found that out the end of September, and just had my appointment with the surgeon this past Tuesday. Results; Gallbladder needs to come out, so bad that they had to, "schedule me technically" for May 9th 2013, but put me at the top of their cancellation list for December, as I just had another surgery October 15th (insert VIP day surgery pass here) and they don't want to ruin that recovery that I am currently on. Basically, I have some pretty big stones, that if they get wedged into my "duct" I will not be able to process fats (good and bad fats) which can be fatal.. I know, not something I wanted to hear. So, through a scope, they will remove my entire gallbladder, fun wow... under the knife again.

So what surgery did I have October 15th you ask? You would not believe all the messages I get asking, I have kept this one a bit hush hush, I will give you some hints.  It is covered by OHIP for back pain, rashes, indents in the skin... etc. If you really KNOW me, I have wanted this since I was 14 and went through puberty, have always HATED this part of my body?? Any guesses? If you said I had a breast reduction, YES! I did. We are done having children, it is fully covered by OHIP, they were in my way. I am a person who is active by going to the gym daily, playing soccer every season, and restrain in my job, not to mention all the other reasons of physically the pain and etc. I chose this surgery and if you are thinking about it, I highly recommend it. I feel like I should feel, wonderful. I have no back pain, no indents, I feel great. If you don't agree, you don't have to read this blog; just sayin. This was a personal choice, meaning my choice, not yours, and no, I won't feel awkward if you want to look (clothes on) next time you see me, I am pretty proud :)

Here I am! This was 2 weeks post-surgery.
See why I should totally get a day surgery pass? Seriously, at least the first 2 were my choices, I think that is what bothers me about the gallbladder, it HAS to come out, without my say - not cool body I thought was healthy, not cool.
Now, onto my children. Where do I start? Here is a quick overview on their lives this past month :)

We won a night at the Great Wolf Lodge from Autism Ontario! Kids loved it!
I turned 28 this year! Had a wonderful dinner with my friends and hubby.
Yes, I am a bad girl and still co-sleep with Owen, Ben wasn't feeling well ;)
My beautiful nephew Logan was born, and yes, I look totally drugged out, but this was a few days after my last surgery, lol.

 Ryan was the grossest stache alive, and Owen is still visually stimming like a champ. Owen also got hit for the first time at school in October, and now hitting is the new behaviour, brutal. So we have asked to have a meeting with Owen's, "team" - including the school, ourselves and Bethesda. We have never seen this behaviour from Owen, and are both very VERY concerned.
Since I was still in major recovery, Ryan went on his first field trip with the school, to Bry-Anne's pumpkin farm!

Maddie is in her 2nd year as our tiny dancer, and I started potty training Ben this month!! He is a rockstar!

Owen actually put his hand in the pumpkin, this is coming from a kid with MAJOR sensory issues! He hated it, then loved it!! woooo!!! Kids went out for Halloween, Owen wasn't feeling the best, but what kind of mom would I be to deprive Owen of trick or treating?! :)
Our friend Dani posted this to Ryans wall, maybe we should make one?
Myself, and our kids, almost got hit by a van going around our bus. As we went to cross the street to our house, a van went around the bus (who's lights were flashing and stop sign out and lights on!) I was so scared, and most importantly, thankful that this day Owen didn't drop my hand and bolt across the street like he does most days. As I told Ryan what happened, he was furious, and went across the street (did I mention this was a neighbour?!) and reamed him out in front of all the neighbours. I was very proud! Maybe next time he will obey the law after he gets his ticket, as unfortunately, the "disabled child in area" sign and a big flashing bus didn't do it for him!
There is September and October in a nutshell, I will try not to make the next one so far in the future, but as we have 2 meetings at the school next week, I am sure I will be writing away :)


  1. Very kind of you to think I am anywhere near your realm of 'busy', but I am honoured by the suggestion!