Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One last step on the road to IBI Funding.

So many steps, seems like so many more when it's your second time around the track.

I remember when we went through this process with Owen, the assessing, the waiting, wanting to control everything.. But I couldn't. It was the same this time, even though Ryan and I both work for Bethesda, we have no pull. The only thing that we have are amazing connections, friends to ask questions: but when it actually comes down to it, this is controlled by a team of people at McMaster that will watch Ben's video assessment, go over my answers to 6 pages of questions, and review his issues in a school setting.

Today, was the final stage of the IBI assessments: the school setting, at Kids Kastle. I was supposed to be not on, "duty day" today, but switched to be there, to speak to the assessor and give some more insight. Ben has had good days and bad days being at school, but when you need government funding, the team of assessors need to see that there is in fact a NEED for your child to have 24 hours a week for therapy, that there are behaviours to work on, transitions are hard, and all that jazz. So I switched my days, and I was in today.

The school morning started off the best I have seen him, well compared to last week when I went: he did well transitioning from free time in the morning to welcome circle. He stood with the class, we held hands and we all sang, he then sat on his bun and he listened to the teacher. By the end, he was getting restless, but recognized his name when it was held up: and he headed to his favourite station, the train table.

Throughout the morning, he did pretty well, stayed mostly at the train table and cars, making sure I was in the room somewhere (very attached). He had meltdowns when:

- I left the room to clean
- I took someone to the washroom
- He had to complete his craft
- Children were touching, going near, being around his trains
-The snack wasn't ready yet.. heaven forbid
- He had to leave me to go into circle time to read a story, that's where the BIG meltdown happened. The teacher had to hold him to calm down, he screamed, kicking.. horrible.
- Had a hard time transitioning from inside to going outside for playtime before dismissal

All of the assessments and information are being sent in this week to be reviewed this coming Monday September 24th at McMaster, and we should be finding out the results by first week of October. Then, once Ben is *hopefully* accepted, he will have a 3 year wait - which takes us to October 2015 :(

Wish us luck.


  1. Vanessa

    You are probably the strongest person I have ever met. Your constant efforts and strides you are making for your children, and children with Autism everywhere makes me want to strive to be a better person and get more involved.
    I am so proud to call you my friend

    Nicole Cairns

  2. awww my friend, thank you so much, that means the world to me Xoxox. I didn't know I was this strong till 2 years ago, I have my chldren to thank for given me the strength and ability to be this person that they so need me to be. Xoxox