Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, July 23, 2012

and just then, reality steps in.

I am a lucky mom. Sure, we have our moments - when the 3 kids are driving me so up the wall, I need to pop 3 Tylenol, take a deep breath, and keep repeating to myself, " I love them, they are just kids, I love them.. love love love". As parents, we all have those moments where we totally wonder if we can do this, and when it gets hard our patience is being tested at it's worst - and we feel it. I have to say lucky for the most part, as all 3 of my children are pretty easy to please. Going to the park is the highlight of the week, having a cookie is like me having the biggest glass of wine you can think of - I am lucky because all in all, bad days intact, they are great kids, and I can take them anywhere and everywhere with me, and I know everything and they will be alright.

I honestly sometimes have to remind myself that 2 of them have Autism. As they are young, and are able to communicate more so verbally, we are not seeing as many meltdowns as we have been previous. I am really only reminded when a new situation arises, a loud noise is unbearable, or stimming - everyone and their brother will watch Owen stimm... it is so interesting, yet to an uneducated eye, it is also very, "different" and does make Owen (and now Ben) stick out like a sore thumb.

Reality also stepped in this morning, when I got the mail. I get so excited like a 5 year old, when I get the mail and there is a letter from McMaster Autism Program, as the first thing I think about it Owen getting closer and closer to being off the IBI wait list and receiving 24 hrs a week of PAID IBI therapy. When I called over 4 months ago, Owen was at number 28, out of 60.. the sad part? we have been on this wait list for almost 3 years. Instead, I opened the letter and reality set in that I will not only get these letters for Owen, Ben will also be the recipient of letters, assessments, therapies, consultations - we are back to square 1...literally.

The letter today stated that Ben has been put on the wait list for ABA services through Bethesda.. the service Owen just completed in June. For me, it was just an eye opening moment, that we are starting all over again, but like I have said before, at least this time on our journey through Autism - Owens experiences, battles and triumphs make a great map.


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