Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rocked it.

Owen and the Dentist. I have tried with him in the past - did not go over well. He would never let me brush his teeth until this past year, the Health nurse came in to his school to look at all the children's teeth - Owen screamed and did not let that happen.

But I thought to myself, he is almost 5 years old - he grinds his teeth like a champ, he only until recently let me start brushing them without biting my fingers off - I think it is time. So, I looked on the Internet entering in google, "dentist peds autism". A few came up but not much - the ones that did, billed you for service right away, and then you wait for the cheque from the insurance. I am not a fan of that, as sometimes our bills for dentist work (ESPECIALLY Ryan and his horrid teeth) can cost up to $1000 per visit, not happening. So, I found a Dentist, conveniently located on Drummond Rd, right by Owens school and our home that has had children/adults with Autism and has a sedation option if necessary, which... may be necessary.

So, I pick up Owen from school and the whole walk to the Van and drive to the office was, "Owen, we go see dentist for teeth". He was repeating me, not sure if he was processing it, but at least he was saying it without crying or saying no ;) We head in, and the receptionist was wonderful. Talked to myself and Owen, got him colouring, it was wonderful. We waited 1 minute, before the hygienist came and got us, also SUPER nice and friendly. We headed into the room, and Owen did not want any part of the scary blue dentist chair, or that funky-ass light on top of it. He moaned, said no when I asked him to sit - so fine, I sat - turned the light on and off, and held a treasure case full of toys for being good at the dentist. Owen was intrigued.

So, we saw he was coming around a bit - so the hygienist took a mask and helped Owen put it on as he laughed, and the gloves, he loved it. They gave him a mirror for the mouth, and he opened his mouth and said, "awwwwwwww" and put it in his mouth - he's not a stupid kid, that's for darn sure. Then he tried putting the mirror in my mouth. The Doctor came in, and low and behold - he sat in the scary blue dentist chair with the creepy light moved out of the way. As the Dentist and I spoke about my concerns, only really being his grinding, he assured me those baby teeth will be falling out and the sensation may go as well. I demonstrated for Owen what to do, and he followed! He was so co-operative, opening his mouth, lifting his head, smiling, he did amazing! More than I could ever have imagined!!

He was ready to go, saying, "ALL DONE", picked a stamp from the treasure box and he was on his way. The Dentist and I agreed to bring him back every 2-3 months, so he is familiar with the office and we will up the anty every time as well. Maddie and I go on Monday - which with her, should be another adventure.

Way to go Owen!! and so glad we found an office that has the patience and kindness that we so very much need. I know how difficult going to the dentist is for "typical" adults and children, but add on a person with high sensory issues with touch, noise, sight - it intensifies it beyond imagination. I am so proud of this kid, rocking all kinds of life's crap that I throw at him - you amaze me daily little man.


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