Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No EA in sight - and a dear friend.

I have to brag - as much as I brag about how well all the kids do in their various day to day lives - there is nothing that makes me quite as proud as I am now.

I have come to the realization a long time ago - that Owen is going to need an EA... and that's not a totally bad thing. He is fortunate enough to have someone in his corner all the time, he is loved and watched over by wonderful women and my worries are put at ease when he is with them... Yet, I still imagine a world for Owen that doesn't have to include an EA, and he is integrated.

Can I even type this that I saw a small glimpse of an amazing future in store? I did. It was amazing.

Owen's school held a beautiful Mother's Day presentation and tea for all the students in JK/SK's moms, grandmas, aunts and friends. I was fortunate that I was able to go, as well as my mother in law, and my nana. As we were waiting for the events to start, I heard him - and he was walking with his teacher. They walked up to the front to sing, so they all stood in a line so everyone could see. To my surprise, Owen was without an EA, and the teacher put him in the line with all the other children, and he held hands with one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen, Isabella.

Music comes on - and he sings. He sings his heart out, he does all the gestures to the songs - with no EA insight. Every other presentation I have been to see Owen, he has had his EA beside him - not this time. Owen was integrated, he sang like it was his job - and in between songs, he ran right into my arms as we were in the front row, and hugged me, feeling how proud and how loved he is.

After the singing was over, the children sat in front of the parents on the floor, and watched a video that was put together by the teachers. Owen sat not on my lap, not with an EA, he sat with his peers - the whole 10 minutes and was wonderful. That day will be remembered always. He can do it - and he will do it.

Knowing this, gives me the strength to carry on, to do what I need to keep doing - and being reminded that I have the ability to do this for all my children - and I will continue. To keep me focused, it's amazing what can be done that gives you the push you need to keep going. My dear friend Valerie and I have been through it all - ups,  downs, boys, children, weddings - alot. As I logged onto my computer today to check my email, log in my fitnesspal, I saw that my wonderful friend nominated me for, "mom of the year - by Walmart". Her words lifted me right up, see it here. Thank you Val, for your friendship through good and bad, and most of all - your constant love and support for me and my family. oxoxox

I want to add in as well - a blurb from a mom that I have had the pleasure of meeting. She started attending our Parent Support Nights at the Autism Ontario - Niagara Chapter centre, and right away I wanted to support her. I knew what it was like to be stuck in a rut, not sure where to go - no one that truly understands what I can going through.. I saw that in Brenda. Since I met her almost 6 months ago, we have shared with each other heartbreaks and triumphs - tales of advocacy and struggles. Here is a blurb Brenda wrote after seeing that my friend Val nominated me this afternoon that I would like to share:
"Could not have said it much better. I have only known Vanessa for a short time (through the parent support group) but right away she was teaching me and inspiring me. She welcomed me in a way that I am not used to and since then I have never needed to feel shy about asking her a question or for advice. She is happy to share from her learning experiences and neither holds back nor overwhelms you. ...When I start to think I can't manage or maybe feel a bit sorry for myself I just think of her and know there is no limit to what I can really do. She is not to be pitied, not one bit. She definitely deserves admiration and respect because she is a mom and a half, teacher, nurturer, friend, mentor and all of the other many hats she wears on a regular basis. I am lucky to be able to have her to go to for support and am so happy to share in her moments and have her share in mine. She really is an extraordinary mom."

Thank you, I hope I will continue to live up to what you ladies wrote.



  1. This is the stuff that makes us want to cry with happiness. How exciting for you and I know how much hope, energy and inspiration it gives you to keep doing your thing :D

  2. Beautiful isn't it? To have something that showed me a glimpse of what can be for his future. oxoxox