Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fundraising - Cupcake Style.

Last week I was so busy with life, work .. mostly life, due to the fact of appointments, staff meetings, more appointments - but most importantly cupcakes. I was ready to yell to the world that the 12 Tin Cupcakery was baking a special chocolate fudge brownie cupcake with blue frosting in honour of my 2 sons. It was the, "Owen and Ben Cupcake", to help raise money for our family to cover therapy for our boys while waiting on the waitlist.

I was getting messages left, right and centre about these cupcakes - and boy, did it pay off! After the magazine interview and picture with SNAP Niagara, and posters everywhere, t-shirts worn with bracelets today I was able to go into 12 Tin and meet with Owner Carleigh, and see what the community raised by eating her amazing cupcakes.

Carleigh without hesitation handed me the amount - and I was in shock. With only 3 days of cupcake sales, Carleigh and her team raised enough to almost pay for 1 month of therapy for Ben!! AMAZING! I was legit in shock - it was incredible, and Carleigh said to me, "you have a lot of friends". I needed to hear that today, with all the hussle and bussle in my life, helping organize and run the CUPE fundraiser with Jen and the team, working, appointments - I feel like I am trying to conquer the world and Autism on my own.. but that's not true.

I have a shit load of people behind me, that want the best for my boys maybe just as much as I do. For all of you that bought a cupcake or 20, or even thought about going but had to work or had no way there - I thank you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I thank you from Ryan, I especially thank you from the children - all 3 of them. I thank the team at 12 Tin and Carleigh, for doing this amazing thing for our family, without knowing me personally just found it in their hearts to help a local family who is stuck in the system.

Today Owen had another Occupational Therapy appointment, we brought his sister to always keep her included - and Owen wrote his name - perfectly. I took Ben to Brick By Brick for 2 hours, without me there - after the initial screaming from leaving me - he did it. The therapist said to me disbelief, " do you know that Ben knows his ABC's, and knows the phonics with it".. I smiled with so much pride and said, "yes - he is like his brother, and he learns so quickly". Today was a beauty day for support and to help me realize even in my darkest of days, that I am not alone - myself and my family have an army marching behind us - and for that, I thank you all.

I thank you all, and I love you all.