Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Typical Tuesday.

Holidays are beautiful. I have been off now for 2 weeks, and have enjoyed every part of it, I loved being far away from our everyday life - and I love now being at home with my children. I loved having a holiday at home, even though we didn't do anything and Ryan is getting over a sprained wrist - it's been nice.. needed.

Then after a couple weeks of no appointments - here we are at our typical Tuesday. What's a typical Tuesday you ask? A typical Tuesday is my way of saying we are back to our busy lives full of appointments and therapies because now that Easter and March Break are over, we are going to be flooded with appointments - and now Benjamin is added into the mix. We might as well pitch a tent at the Children's Centre.


9 am - Occupational Therapy at NPCC in St. Catharines, across from Brock University.
10 am - Speech Consultation with Owens school Cherrywood Acres, implementing a visual reminder for Owen to initiate conversation without being prompted.
11 am - get home, feed other 2 kiddos and playtime
1pm - Dr. Snyder in Niagara Falls, for Benjamin

- Sometime this afternoon get my butt to the clinic for a for sure sprained ankle - awesome.

Also starting this month, Monday mornings as Maddie is in school and so is Owen, Ben and I will be in Stepping Stones at NPCC from 9-11am, that Owen attend 2 years ago.

Tuesday mornings from 10-11am Owen will be in Occupational therapy at NPCC.

Fridays Owen has started to participate in Bethesda's Preschool Socialization Program, or as Owen refers to Bethesda "Nametag" since he sees the Bethesda logo on my nametag - too cute.

Our life is totally flooded right now, which makes it very difficult to get Ryan and I's own outlets thrown into the mix (Rugby, Soccer, ASD Ontario Mom time, and showers...)plus work. I am hoping after the meeting today with Snyder, we will have a more clearer picture to where she sees Ben on the spectrum, and she will be assessing him in the following week to come.

Wish us luck.

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