Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, April 16, 2012

Stepping Stones - 2012 Edition

It couldn't be as bad as last time right? Wrong. It was - it was replay from exactly 2 years ago.. but this time around, I knew what to expect, and I knew what was going to be a difficult time and what was going to be alright for Ben. Here is the lowdown from Stepping Stones circa 2012; Ben had no clue what was going on - he knew we were somewhere FOR something, but nothing more than that. We dropped his sister off Preschool, had Owen on the bus, and we were gone to the Children's Centre. Ben and I signed in, and we went into the therapy room, where we met several different children and their families. Ben made sure I stayed in his sights the entire time, and did he's normal "Ben thing"... not sharing toys, yelling at other kids when they go near him, spinning in the big mirror, and tensing his whole body. Ben was having a good time playing with the toys, was clam - then it hit, "clean up the toys for circle time".. meltdown. Crying, screaming, throws himself to the floor - but I was ready, this was Owen 2 years ago, and thats okay. I wasn't suprised about this reaction, because in all honesty, Ben has never had that kind of environment/structure in a school setting, so making Ben do something totally out of his element we knew be a disaster. During circle time, Ben calmed down when the songs were sung (Owen 2 years ago, could not handle singing in unisence) while Ben was alright with it. Ben wanted no part of putting his name on the board, or pretty much anything to do by himself. After circle, we were to get our children involved in a toy, and we leave to go to an hour meeting..this happens every week for 9 weeks. Ben was totally cool with that, he found a toy, I said my goodbyes, and I escaped. When we came back after the hour away, Ben was freaking..like not happy without his mother at all. The main caregiver said he mainly stayed in a corner, played a bit, did a small craft, she noticed he has a lot of sensory issues and has a very hard time with transitions. Ben refused to walk for me, freaked when we washed our hands for snack, just not happy - this is a whole new thing for him. Ben sat at the table, and he did eat his arrowroot cookie like a champ, and was better going to the circle time for goodbyes than the welcoming circle. At the end Ben was done - he was tired, pissed off and just done. He was a polite little man, waved and said, "bye bye" and we were out. I remember how hard this was for Owen 2 years ago, and look now at how far he has come from back then, and it gives me hope for Benjamin. At least I know one thing for sure - they have a snack list for the 9 weeks, and Ben will rock all those foods.

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