Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Souvenir that's for life.

We wanted to do something that will always remind us of this trip together. I thought maybe we should renew our vows, Ryan wasn't too thrilled, and it was quite a bit of money to do so - so he ruled it out, which was fine. So what could we do?

So we thought of an idea, that we have been throwing around for over a year. We both enjoy having tattoo's, but we never really had anything concrete we wanted to represent our children. I was thinking about 3 little pictures that would symbolize each child, or maybe their birth dates - I had no idea - until, I went to the Lorax with Owen. As I wrote the day we went, I heard 2 quotes that totally summed up our lives, and I knew that's what I wanted to get inked on my wrist.

"Born to Stand Out" each puzzle piece represents a boy, and the pink star on the exclamation mark is for Maddie.

Ryan was the same, no idea for all the kids, but for a while, he was thinking of getting the character Mumble from Happy Feet. I never really understood why, I knew it was Owens favourite movie when he was first diagnosed, but nothing more.

As we confirmed this was what we wanted to do before we came home, Ryan told me why Mumble represented Owen to him. Mumble reminds Ryan of Owen, he is different from everybody else, he does his own thing, he is is own person - just like Owen. Insert tears, I loved it. We booked our appointments Sunday for Tuesday (day we were leaving) and we were ready to go.

Here are some shots of us getting our "kids ink" done, and the finished product. We totally loved our tattoo artist and the parlour - 3 Lions Tattoo in the Riveria.

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