Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, April 9, 2012

Silly Rabbit... tricks and treats arn't for our Autistic household.

He plays the part perfect. He is a visual learner - he watches closely as his little sister picks up her pink Easter basket, walks around the living room so excited putting chocolate eggs in the basket, and repeats. He thinks to himself, "that's pretty easy, I can do that". He does it. Perfectly. Looks at Ryan and I for the reaction and claps quickly, he is so proud of himself - and so am I. I could honestly care less if he actually understands the meaning behind what he is doing - I kind of feel better he wants zero part of a big creepy bunny in his house in the middle of the night hiding eggs on his possessions with no one around - good job Owen, copy your sister. He did the egg thing for roughly 10 minutes, gave up and stimmed out on the iPad - long enough for me too.

Maddie is in her glory. She was finding eggs and putting them in her pink basket like it was her job - rocking the shit out of those hiding places (I told Ryan I also could rock his egg hunt .. it sucked, Maddie agreed). She was in the kitchen, living room, everywhere - saying, "Daddy's the Easter Bunny" .. o no. She realized behind Ryans ghetto Santa costume and his voice he chose not to hide that he was Santa, so now she is pairing the big creepy bunny to the big creepy daddy - smart girl. She rocked the egg hunt - then continued for the day carrying around her basket showing off her skills - she is my daughter.

Ben did not want any part of the rabbit, the treats, the basket - anything. The day was out of whack for him, he cried when the basket was brought near him.. he screamed when we tried to show him how to find eggs - silly rabbit, your tricks and treats are not for our Autistic household - Here's a few tips for next year big old creepy rabbit:

-Give Ben a truck, not made of chocolate, just a truck and walk away.. no one gets hurt.
-Do your egg hunt for Maddie, she liked it.. but stop resembling her father and make the hunt harder! Shes my daughter!
-Owen just copied his sister, which was still super cute.. but maybe give the kid an egg hunt app for his iPad, he might like you more if you did.

We had a great Easter, it was spent with both sides of our families on different days - today I made a turkey (EPIC) and still got to sneak out and play soccer. Ryan found the bunny he bought me for our first Easter together 6 years ago :)

Happy Easter friends!

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