Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The power of a cupcake.

Maddie loves her cupcakes, and she loves to guess the following:

1) Why we are eating cupcakes?
2) Whose birthday it is?
3) Why didn't we get her birthday cake instead of cupcakes?

I order all of my cakes from www.sweetart.ca We have ordered all the kids birthday cakes from the owner Elizabeth for the past 2 years - her work is amazing! Maddie is smart though - so when I pulled in the driveway yesterday to Sweetart, she automatically thinks it is birthday cake time, for Maddie.

I came back to the van, and showed Maddie what exactly we were picking up, and it was definitely not a birthday cake. Every year, to help raise awareness and raise money for Autism, Elizabeth hosts "Cupcake Tuesday" and the proceeds from the sales, were going to Autism Ontario - Niagara Chapter. Due to this charity being so near and dear to my heart, we ordered some cupcakes to take to Owen's school, to give his teachers/EA's, and other important people in the school that love my little man like crazy. For all they do everyday for him, why not surprise them with a cupcake?

I bring the cupcakes, and Maddie wanted to see the what was in the box - soon after she realized there was no Minnie Mouse cake, she told me they were cupcakes, and they were blue - blue for Ben. I thought that was super cute - but I thought to myself, why not tell her? I have wondered since Owen was diagnosed when the time would arise that I would talk to Maddie about Owen, and now, about Ben. She loves cupcakes, she liked the ribbon on top - why not attempt, to even see if she would grasp the concept? So I did.

Here is how it went:

Me: Maddie, you know what these are for? (BIG over-exaggerated smile)
Maddie: For Boo Boo's (Ben)
Me: Kinda, Maddie they are for Owen and Ben, they have Autism.
Maddie: Autism?
Me: Yes, Autism... Owen and Ben have it.
Maddie: Autism for Owen and Ben, birthday.

Close enough.

I asked her about 3 minutes later why we have blue cupcakes with ribbons?

Maddie: Owen and Ben for Autism.

                                               Score my little 3 year old rock star, score.

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