Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Owning the bus driver - like a boss.

There is always something in the world of a family with a person, regardless if they are a child or not, there is always something to worry about, to have concern.. always something.
I felt like since we have been back from our trip, even though we came back to a insane amount of appointments and therapies - all in all, it has been alright.. it has been totally manageable.
We got back on Wednesday, that following weekend was Easter, and the Tuesday (April 10th) we had 3 appointments in one day - all handled.. but like I said, in our world - there is always something.

Fast forward to this week. Owen's communication book that is sent home, has been mostly positive, he has been participating, he has been sitting in circle time and only causing minor disruption (he is jealous the EA sits with the other little boy with ASD and puts Owen in the middle of the circle with 1 fidget toy, what Owen sees is favouritism, what the EA, teacher, and myself see is Owen becoming integrated with his peers.. sorry Owen) The comments again, were positive until Thursday.

Owen is giving the bus driver a hard time getting on the bus on the way home. He gets on the bus, then proceeds to hide between the seats. When the bus driver asks him to sit, he yells, No and refuses to listen. The bus driver has now requested assistance with Owen. We are hoping the EA can help at the end of the day, as the other little boy's mom picks him up and is gone at this time

No joke.

So, what I told them as I was super frustrated what I recommended to them, was maybe developing a social story to review with Owen before he goes on the bus, of course using visuals and explaining with pictures how we get on the bus, sit in our seat, put our seat belt one (he has a seat belt as he was hiding under the seats when the bus was in motion) and we sit till we see our mommy/daddy at our stop with a picture of his house. It was hard for me to wrap my head around this issue, because in the morning, when he takes the bus and he goes on in front of me, he is golden. He takes off his backpack, and he sits as she puts the seat belt on and a way they go - unfortunately, this is just another thing we are going to have to nip in the bud, as I would like for him to take the bus with his peers as long as he is able.

Verdict - Social Story.


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