Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Friday, April 13, 2012

Nametag and the start to our new journey with Benjamin as a family...

Owen is obsessed with my Bethesda work nametag. He loves it, he loves to wear it, he loves to carry it around - it is the cutest thing. When I have had to take him to Bethesda for different programs, he began to call Bethesda, "nametag".. I know, super cute.

Today, we had a very busy and intense day, mostly for me, as I totally felt today more than any other day, a taxi. We woke up this morning, got everyone ready. I mentioned to Owen he was going to, "nametag" (Bethesda) this morning instead of school for his social group, I have never seen him so excited! He jumped up, wanted to put on his socks and shoes, and was waiting at the front door for me, not even wanting to bring his iPad. After everyone was dressed, as Owen waited at the front door for 20 minutes, we first dropped Ben off at my inlaws, as it was my duty day at Maddie's preschool, for her hop-a-thon. After dropping Ben off, we flew to Bethesda to bring Owen to his Friday morning preschool social group, he was so excited when we got out of the van, he could honestly careless if I was leaving.

Knowing that he loves it there, make me feel so comfortable, and it is good knowing that he will be alright when he basically lives there when his government funded IBI comes in at the end of the year. Owen will be spending 24 hours a week in that building, or their satellite building in Niagara Falls (hopefully for driving purposes), so it is for sure nice knowing he is happy going there, and with the therapists there working with him. We then left for Preschool, so Maddie could see her friends and I get to stay for duty day today. She had a great time, I was pretty immobile still getting over this tendon pain, but we both had a great time. After Maddie was completing her snack, I snuck out and picked Owen up from Bethesda, where a friend of mine (his therapist now) said he had a great day, and he was happy the whole time :) so reassuring.

Owen and I then went BACK to the school, and he got to see his old teacher at preschool, see his old Resource teacher, and play outside with the kids. We then picked up Ben, and got home in time for me to spruce the house up a bit, because we had Camille from Brick By Brick coming over to assess both the boys for entering the program again. Owen was at Brick by Brick for a year and a half, and made so many gains there, and we wanted to put him back in the therapy for most of the summer so the structure and routine is consistent throughout the summer, and then the last 2 weeks of August he will be enrolled into the Brock Movement Camp again, which he loves.

Owen's assessment was pretty laid back, since they already know his personality, but we are hoping to make his learning a little more complex, because he can handle it. Ben on the other hand was really interesting, he did so many things so very well - he had great joint attention, he made great eye contact, he interacted - he did wonderful. Without me saying anything, she also can see PDD-NOS in Ben, as Ryan and I can see. He has behaviours (visual stimulation, spinning, flapping, tensing, severe tantrums etc) and he has a hard time with both sides of communication (expressive and receptive) but he isn't as stuck in the Autistic world as his brother was, which is a great thing. We want to nip this in the bud early, so *hopefully* when Ben is ready for JK he might need an EA for a part of the day, maybe just to stay on task? I am assuming he is going to need a Resource Teacher come September when he is in Kids Kastle, but time will tell.

All in all, the day was busy - it was a lot of driving, a lot of emotions, and a lot of planning for the near future, as Ben will be starting Brick By Brick May 3!! We are excited for the new journey we are embarking, but I have to admit - I am nervous as well, I don't want to compare my boys, but I also can't wait to see how Ben will be a different learner than Owen, or how they will differ in communication.. today, Ben totally demonstrated that he is also a visual learner, which is great!

Here's to the new journey.



  1. Love reading your posts! Thanks for sharing your crazy day with us!
    Can't wait to meet these boys! xoxo