Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm not as good as I once was.

I knew it couldn't last.. I knew it was too good to be true. I honestly knew, that something or someone would catch up with me and the verdict was given to me today - I pulled my extensor tendons (top of my left foot). I have been a limping mess since last night.. normally, I would deal with it and move on, "walk it off" so to speak, but I couldn't. I tried to walk it off - no dice.

So, with the push and shove from Ryan, I went to the clinic after limping all day to and from appointments - pulled my tendon. great. After the day I had, this was the cherry on top of the cake - here is the rest of the day.

This morning, Ryan woke me up like every other morning by tickling my feet (it works) and I got the kids up and ready to go. We had 3 major appointments on the chopping block today, and one of them was at 9am at NPCC in St. Catharines for Owen's Occupational Therapy appointment. We just finished our block of speech, so now we are with his OT therapist Sally, that he loves. She did several assessments to see how far he has come in 3 months - including cutting with scissors, copying her drawings, stacking blocks, and colouring. He did wonderful - he actually enjoyed using the scissors she had, they have a spring in the middle to take away 50% off the work using a pair of scissors. Instead of the push and pull, he just had to push, they did the rest (Of course I bought a pair for his classroom, he did amazing with them!)

After he rocked Occupational Therapy, we then made our way back to Niagara Falls, for Owen to get into class, and myself, his teacher, both EA's, and the principal could have a sit down with Owen's Speech Pathologist Debbie. Debbie wanted to suggest that the school have up different options for Owen to use his verbal communication, instead of relying on a prompt from an adult. She had a great interpretation of how Owen might feel, "Imagine you want a cup of coffee, you see everyone else getting coffee, but you have no way too. You have to wait until someone asks you if you would like a cup of coffee, like a prompt, then you are able to have it"..how frustrating, isn't it? But so true. We all decided on some great pictures for his board, and as I left I saw him sitting in the middle of circle time, with 1 fidget toy, totally integrated into the class.. where before, him and the other little boy with ASD would sit on the sides with a bucket full of toys with the EA. They see a lot of potential in Owen, and I see it to :)

I get home, Ryan makes his way to bed and I feed my other 2, of course limping all the while. It's amazing when you are not 100%, they kids totally pick up on it. I swear its like Ben and Maddie became marathon runners today - buggers. I put them down for their naps, and headed out to Dr. Snyders for the parent consultation. Everything went how I expected, talked about what we are seeing in Benjamin, my pregnancy, Owen and Maddie and I also showed her 2 home movies I took of Ben stimming, flapping, and outbursting.. as well as his pictures of lining my nanas angels up. She wants to obviously see Ben, but unfortunately, we are not able to see her until June 6th, as she is very backed up! The suspense continues in his level on the spectrum.

Which leads us to me laying on the couch, taking pain medication and going to the clinic. It was a super eventful day, but I am feeling very run-down, hopefully the Predinsone heals me quick :)


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