Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy World Autism Awareness Day 2012!!

This post is a day late, as most of you know Ryan and I escaped our lives for almost a week, but none the less, being away did not stop us from raising awareness while in Las Vegas.

My chapter of Autism Ontario, sold t-shirts this year that were blue or black, and said, "I love someone with Autism"..we bought 2 :) I knew we would not be able to celebrate at home, as we were already booked way in advance to go away, but I was excited to bring our shirts with us and wear them in Las Vegas.

Yesterday, with our shirts on and ready to rock, we headed our to Hoover Dam for some sight seeing, and then to the outlet malls as well. We proudly wore our shirts, answered many questions, heard lots of strangers own journey in their families that have Autism, and lots of support. I was proud to wear my shirt and brag we were from Canada, it was a great feeling.

Not many people can say, on their vacation, they still screamed advocacy :)

Back in Canada, my wonderful friend dressed the kids up in their outfits I laid out for them, all blue and all awesome :)

Happy World Autism Awareness Day from Las Vegas, NV oxoxox

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