Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Don't miss this chance.

I have wrote about this choir before - a choir that is not your "typical" choir. A choir, that after the first time I was blessed to hear them, I was moved in such a way that the only way I can attempt to discribe this experience is, "inspired".

A big worry for parents with children with Special Needs is always wondering about the future. No one is sure what is going to happen to our children when they become adults, will they live their life in such a way that regardless what anyone thinks, they are happy? Momentum Choir showed me, that yes this is true - you can be an adult, have a special need, and show the world how happy you are - and they are so gifted, they are able to show the world their happiness through song.

I am fortunate enough, that I get rehearsal access. I support a young person who is part of the choir, and I am able to be the one to take her on Tuesdays for practice. I get to hear all their songs, sing along, in a laid back but still professional rehearsal time. Yesterday, was something to admire about this group of amazing people.

As Momentum's year is coming to an end, they want to do something totally different for their last concert. I am not going to give it away, because I am really hoping if you are reading this blog and are local, you would concider going to see this beautiful choir preform on May 23rd. What I am able to tell you, is that I got to listen to (and participate) in hearing beautiful and heartfelt words come from members of the choir about society, themselves, their families and friends - I got to hear the love and acceptance that we all, as people, we need.

I heard an indivdual say, " we are people with a disability, we want to be treated like everyone else, we can do everything like you can, sometimes even better, we want acceptence". So, I am in the back, crying like a baby - because that is also my hope, that in time, we are all accepted for who and what we are, regardless of disability or not. I also got to hear also another member express, " we are singing this for you, the audience, thank you for being our friend, thank you".

I really can not express enough the inspiration, the faith it brings back to me, and the hope for everyone.. especially for myself, my 2 young boys that Momentum, whether in a choir or in our own lives is a way of life.

"Momentum’s mission is to provide an authentic musical experience in which the gifts of unique artists can be professionally nurtured, and through which the artists can be given the opportunity to belong, believe and inspire".

Year End Gala Information:

Spread the word! Momentum's Year-End Gala Concert is coming up on May 23, 7 pm at Bethany Community Church - 1388 Third Street, St. Catharines. Come hear our new theme song, See Me as Me for the first time! $10/person $25/family or group home.
Do not miss this inspiring performance!


  1. sounds like something I want to attend! Thanks for the info <3

  2. Brenda - you would LOVE seeing them, they are simply amazing! oxoxox