Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, March 19, 2012

Your kid is doing what?!

I think one of the hardest parts besides all the appointments, therapies, behavioural issues would be trying so hard not to compare our children to other children their age. Not so much now at Owens age of 4 1/2, but for sure at Ben's.. and how can I not?

I find that when we had children, a lot of people around us did - which is awesome to have friends going through the same thing as you - or so you thought. Us moms with Special Needs children smile, laugh and bypass it on the outside - but speaking for only myself, I cry on the inside, because we know we are not seeing what the Doctors "say" we should be seeing, instead we are seeing something different, unique and just not typical.

I found after Owen was confirmed as having Autism, some mothers in my life became more worried, because not only is every parent wanting to just have their child meet their milestones, but when someone in your life actually as a child with Autism, or whatever the need may be - now it is hitting home - and it scared them a little.

I am in the same boat I was in with Owen, when he was 2 - not meeting milestones, and Ben is not. I am hearing all the time about other children his age, using 2 words together and Ben is just learning new sounds. Yes, I know - Children develop at their own pace.. I get it.. but its hard to sit by and compare your child, and you don't even realize you do it.. it just happens in your mind and you wish it wouldn't.

People may think its silly if you don't understand, but when I see or read a Facebook status that a mom I know had her son with Autism sit for a whole movie, or a mom with a daughter with Cerebral Palsy got a new walker I want to scream with happiness and pride, those are our milestones and they are awesome. :)

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