Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, March 5, 2012

Yes mom, we met on Plenty of Fish.com

I am not sure if I have ever wrote about how Ryan and I became an item or not, if I have I am sorry to put you through it again - if not.. enjoy. lol.

As you most likely do not know, I was married before Ryan, yep - made that mistake. I was over-weight, like massively, and thought that this person was all life could offer - we were friends, but that was it.. just friends. I married that person fresh out of high school, I was 21. Legit, 3 months later (I think even a year before we tied the knot) I knew it wasn't right .. and for more reasons then I care to write about, I came home from an afternoon shift from Bethesda one night, had a long heart to heart, and found out we didn't love each other like we were supposed to. After a blow out, I left and never looked back.

Skip to an EXTREMELY short time later, I didn't know how to date, it was a long time. I was living at my grandparents, began to take control of my life, and I began to loose weight and out myself out there. Low and behold, you can not meet people you want to see without drunk glasses on at a bar, so I hmmmmd and haaaaaaad, and I made a Plentyoffish.com account. After a weird mishap from Ryans best friend, I found Ryans profile - and what got me about this guy from Niagara Falls? It wasn't his, "beach is that way pictures".. surprisingly.. haha, it was the truth about his profile. Seriously, who writes, "I like cheese, on everything.. I drive with a heavy foot".. it was too real to not be real - and I wanted to meet this guy.

Yes, I fully admit (and Ryan has to say EVERY TIME I tell it, I went after him) it is true, I went after him. I liked his personality, and I went for it- and I sent him my MSN add. Man I was nervous, totally thinking this guy is going to be a creep, he accepted my add - flash forward to the next day where we met in person, at the Tim Hortons on Thoroldstone Rd.

I was going prepared to this meeting - I made sure it was a public place, and I hid 2 friends in the back of my 2002 Blue Toyota Echo, and we were ready to go. I was nervous to get out, but got the strength when I saw this HUGE muscle guy leave the tim hortons to go get a paper for the boys he worked with at the Robertland Academy, and we hugged - I melted, I knew this was the guy. I was nervous to tell people we met online, being 6 years ago, online dating wasn't too popular yet... especially in my family. I remember telling my nana whom I was living with - yep, not impressed. I told my mother, too fast and he is probably a creep - not the reaction I was going for.

After several dates, phone calls, more dates and 2 months later to my 1st apartment alone, Ryan moved in with me. Within 7 months, Ryans mother also discovered that we were in the same JK class together at Heximer in Niagara Falls, we would have been 4 years old... we have the picture to prove it.. very creepy resembling a brother and sister duo. Fast forward to an advancement in my job and Ryan joins me at Bethesda, babies after babies, ups and downs, changing cities, owning a home, trips and all in between I am so blessed to have this man in my life, that actually, "gets" me. He is a wonderful dad, that embraces Owen and now, Ben's , individual characteristics and has never ran away from anything. He is the first to expose Owen to new and exciting people and places because he has that much faith in our son. What is that saying? You have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince?

If you asked us 6 years ago today, is this is where we would be in our lives? I am sure we would have laughed in your face and asked you to chug another one - no one knows whats in the cards for them. Now looking back, was their an ultimate bigger plan for Ryan and I? Yes. Only some unforeseen being, could match us together 17 years later from Jk, put us in the same field as a career by teaching us the skills needed to be the best parents to a special needs child we can be, and trust in us to care for those 2 special boys and their beautiful sister.

Someone, somewhere, knew what they were doing when they created us.

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