Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mothers of ASD earning 57% less than mothers with typical children.... obviously!

As most of my continuing readers are aware, I have worked at Bethesda for 7 years this coming September. on and off though having babies and being on Maternity leave her and there. My classification there is - Full Time Permanent, which are expected to work 40 hrs a week, of course having vacation time and sick time. We are very lucky as well regarding our benefits, they cover almost everything..especially Ryan and I both working there as Full time - we are covered double.

I recently read an article that was posted to a friends Facebook Wall that I honestly had to post, and read out loud verbatim to Ryan because it is SO true and I think people don't realize exactly all the areas in our lives that are affected by having a child not only with Special Needs, but with Autism.

In this article - it states that women with children with Autism in the workforce work less hours than regular mothers, take more time off for therapies and appointments as the mother always put their child first...haha also stating the fathers pay is not affected.

I totally agree - in my own case, I had to ask my employer for a .8 position which means I would have 2 less shifts a pay period needing more time off for the boys, and I also work every weekend to have all my days off during the week for therapies and appointments.. I tend to take more time off for last minute cancellations etc. I work significantly less than Ryan, as I am the parent that attends everything for the children, and the truly are put first.

It was a struggle to make the choice to go back to work, and ultimately it was based on having to pay for therapy for the boys - and I say boys because we had suspected that Ben had Autism when I was still off on Maternity Leave. Many moms that have special needs children in my life can not work, and if they do it is part-time.. factoring in Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Physio Therapy, Doctor Appointments and most of us also have specialists in our lives, plus school, other children we have it almost makes it impossible to have a job when your full time job is making sure your children are at everything possible.. even making sure you are able to have your children in sports, special play groups - and we haven't even started the 24 hours a week of IBI therapy.. which will consist of half a day of school and half a day of therapy, how do moms do it?

Easily, we just do - and the sacrifice unfortunately is our income.

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