Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I couldn't have picked a better school.

I remember writing a year ago at this time, wondering what school would be the perfect fit for Owen to attend, and of course be also beneficial for Maddie and Benjamin. I remember comparing the Catholic Board to the Public, I went to both potential schools - and ultimately, Cherrywood Acres stole my heart and ran with it.

When we picked his school, I of course based it on location from our home, the Support we should have, the full day compared to the half a day.. but because I am sap, and I need to have that, "in my heart good feeling and understanding of Owen", I picked Cherrywood. When I met our principal, she put me right at ease understanding what we have gone through, as she has had challenges with her child as well similar to Owen, high functioning. Her support and understanding made my choice simple, and even with the fight we have had with the District School Board, no reflection on our school.. they honestly did everything possible) today when Owen got off the bus and gave me his backpack and communication book - it made my decision for my family the best one.

In Owens daily communication book, they put the forms from the school in there as well, and it makes sure I get them. The form sent home today was a notice for the whole school, not just Owens class - and it was entitled the, "Me - We program". This program is the school coming together, in support of a family in our school that is struggling and needs help. The teachers brought it to their students, and without even wanting to know why the family needs donations, the students are all over it. They are hosting on April 5th for all students, a movie afternoon, the student has a choice between 2 movies.. the movie with the most money gets to be played, all proceeds going to the family in need.

I was so moved by this, not only because we are currently in the same boat, having a Fundraiser being held for our 2 boys, but what does this say about the choice of school we have made? For me, this took amazing heart and love on behalf of the teachers, but most importantly, on behalf of the students at Owens school, to be able to process what a family is experiencing and having the heart and love to do so. I filled out Owens form, of course for his grade picking Toy Story 3 over Smurfs, and I drove over our donation to the school, because I felt like it was the right thing to do. Reading that letter inspired me to fight for the good fight, to keep on truckin' when it comes to families, regardless if they are Autistic or not, to fight for families that feel defeated.

...and on a mom level, made me smile in pride for the school we picked for our children to attend.

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