Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I am slowly going crazy.. 123456 switch.. crazy going slowly am I..

I can handle quite a bit I think, I can handle our life and all that entails, I can handle the school board, I can handle friends and family good and bad, I can handle working full time, I can handle and manage new behaviours good or bad as well - I can even say now, I can totally handle having 2 boys with Autism.

Which leaves us the question, what is it that I can not handle? That slowly drives me crazy.. 123456 switch.. crazy going slowly am I.. 65421 - TRAINS.

I will be honestly, I have a difficult time controlling my rage when I am stopped by a train. In that moment, I am not thinking of the goods on the train to be delivered to awaiting families, I am not thinking about the passengers that are heading on a new trip, and I am really not thinking of the workers that enjoy controlling the train and think they have the best job in the world -No. I am thinking about how late I am going to be driving Owen to school because he had another late night partying, because I worked till 11 - and now I had to let him sleep in and I am running late driving him to school.. or I am listening to Ben scream his head off because his milk sippy is empty and its almost the end of the world is Ben doesn't have some sort of food and Maddie is going to pee her pants - I dislike waiting for trains.

Of course what I really don't like - Owen loves.

This boy, has found a new obsession trains. Not so much playing with his Thomas Train set, not so much getting really excited when he sees trains on TV, even though he will stop what he is doing to watch it for a brief couple seconds. Owen likes Youtube trains, that he plays over... and over... and over on his iPad. We listen to everything to do with trains, up to and including trains on the tracks, the signals for the train, the horn on the train and everything in between. This little genius, found these train videos on Youtube all by himself, and now has put them in his, "favourites" and now fast ward to my last couple of weeks - trains. Trains all the time.

Owen likes to stimulate his eyes to the train, he watches the video for a couple of seconds, always holding a couple blocks on top of each other to visually stimulate his eyes, and ends up just using the train sounds as background music as he is stimming. My train hating as increased in the last 2 weeks, wonder why.

He likes to see the train tracks by his school, and I swear he can hear a train faster than me, and I have great hearing. It's amazing isn't it, something that I get mad at, and take for granted, gives my beautiful son the most peace and happiness. I think we could all benefit from appreciating the small things, and it wouldn't be a bad thing to have a little bit of Autism in us :)


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