Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, March 19, 2012

Autism Awareness Day - April 2nd - Celebrate with Elvis?

I think I have done a successful job being a HUGE advocate for my sons, I try and attend anything and everything I can, I write this blog for family and friends, I buy t-shirts online ;) I try and do alot.. and the one day a year I let it all hang out so to speak, is April 2nd. All my children wear there blue, I wear my blue and my ribbon, it's our day as a family to bring awareness wherever we go.

This year will be different. Ryan and I will be in Las Vegas, and we will have the children with family and friends instead. Autism Ontario sold t-shirts this year that read, "I LOVE someone with Autism" - I bought two. Since it is WORLD Autism awareness, I thought even in Las Vegas we can raise awareness on our trip, wear our t-shirts and celebrate with a drink and Elvis. I have the outfits for our kiddos already picked out to wear to school as well.

Can I request on Monday April 2nd, you wear your blue to raise awareness for this cause? Think of Ryan and I in Vegas walking the strip in our blue t-shirts, the kids at school wearing their blue - and just in case we can't celebrate enough, our house will be shining it's blue light bulbs as well.

April 2nd - Autism Awareness Day, mark it down :)


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