Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, March 26, 2012

Adventure Bear.

A day like any other day, 3:30pm rolls around, kids are excited to get their big brother Owen off the school bus. I kept them with me at our front porch, and Ryan went over to the other side of the street and waited for Owen. Owen walks down the steps, gives Ryan not one, but two backpacks - insert confusion.

Owen does not own two backpacks, we are lucky if he keeps one on.. and actually returns it home as well.. Ryan yells at me from across the street, "Does Owen have two backpacks... why does he have two, should I give it back to the bus driver!?" with my reply, "I dunnoooooo". The kids start yelling at Ryan off the bus, "It's adventure bear, he takes it home"..alright.

We walk in the house, Owen is squeezing adventure bear like its his job - and I read the book. I swear this bear gave no for warning, I had no idea but Owen really seemed to love this bear. The book explained that Owen was to have the bear for the night (we had him for the weekend) and we were to read to adventure bear before bedtime, make a sentence of what Owen and adventure bear did, draw a picture and colour it, and then take some sort of action shot of Owen and the bear. This was homework I enjoyed - and FINALLY he did too :)

So, we thought why not take adventure bear on Owens favourite car ride - for french fries. I took their picture, and off we went - bear in hand. Owen had enough of the bear, threw him on the seat in front, and ate his fries. We got back home, I read to Owen and the bear, Owen traced my sentence, and he did a wonderful job colouring.. homework done - today, Adventure bear returned back to the school, smelling like salty fries.

I liked this task for Owen, I got to see him really enjoy a part of his homework, and see how far he has come with colouring. Arts and crafts are not Owens favourite, not by a long shot, but he did a wonderful job, and his printing is something to be proud of. I just took my time with Owen completing his homework, and I could see how proud he was completing it - which in turn, made me watch him last night as just a regular kid doing his homework - not a kid with extra needs that I need to adapt this homework to.. he did it, and he did it right - I couldn't be more proud of him.. and that he only whipped that Bear 3 times over the weekend ;)


  1. Love it! Adventure Bear is an awesome idea. He's a great bear.

  2. Haha!! I know, and Owen totally loved it! :)