Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ontario or Alberta?

That is the question. We have been non-stop talking about where to go, what to do, wgho to call - it feels like in every room of our house and every second there is that big pink elephant in the room, that is our future.

Here are our thoughts on both options - Ontario and Alberta.


-private therapy - 9 hrs a week - roughly $1100 per month cost.
-waitlist for services
-IBI wait is almost 3 years, if he qualifies
-Owen still has another year on the waitlist for IBI
-our jobs, benefits and pensions
-our home
-could we move back to Welland so we are closer to therapy for Ben?
-Owen attends a wonderful school


-Services within 3 months of living there
-could be 24 hrs a week in therapy, no cost.
-renting a smaller, townhouse
-finding new jobs
-no family, no support
-BOTH boys would have services
-would not be forever
-would have to sell our stuff here, take a few items and drive there (3 day drive)

There is a lot to think about, lots of questions and options need to be talked about, and we have decided not to make this big decision until we return from Las Vegas in April.

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