Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Life.

They are the reason;

I get up everyday.
I go to work.
I clean till their chocolate milk is out of the floor.
I take care of myself.
I fight.
I cry.
I laugh.
I advocate.
I love.
I appreciate more things in life.
I take time for the little things.
I carry on.
I don't need anything or anyone else in my life, they make me THAT strong.
I learn to cook.
I watch Disney movies 45 times a day.
I know all the songs to the Disney channel and Playhouse.
I get excited when Disney On Ice comes.
I want to coach soccer for their team.
I want to better myself.
I want to do whats right.
I tolerate.
I defend.
I go to my ASD group.
I sleep with no blankets if they come into our bed.
I listen to Mishka youtube over and over.
I attend school functions EVERY time its available.
I take on the DSBN.
I surround them with people who only offer unconditional love.
I breathe and I live.

They are my everything. Thank you to my friend, Joel Smith with Joel Smith Photography for catching all that in pictures for my wall to always remember. Thank you.


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