Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Momentum Choir - Have you heard of them?

Often I will vent about my ability not to control the future, an ability I would so wish for from genie from Aladdin - because, I don't know how our lives, and the lives of my children are going to play out - and the controller and obsessive in me needs to know.

I often wonder, will they all finish highschool, who will go onto College? Will Maddie decide to have kids? Will Owen and Ben, one day, marry? buy houses? What kind of jobs will they have? In the end, I wonder all the time, will Ryan and I have made all the choices (good or bad) to get them there, and are they happy? Regardless what my perception, or yours is, are THEY happy?

I was off from my work, Bethesda, for a long period of time, for the boys and personal reasons, I needed the time away. When I came back in November of 2011, I was in a new area, totally different from anything I did before, and I was happy again. Through this area, I started to attend Momentum Choir practices. You ask, who is momentum choir?

Momentum Choir, are a group of individuals, who one way or another all have a developmental disability, from all walks of life - and they are a choir, they sing. When I went to my first practice, I didn't know what to expect. Half of the choir are women, the other men, divided in the middle. Some were in wheelchairs, others look like you and I - would it be alright? not great, but clap anyway?. Furthest thing from the truth.

One of the girls began to sing, she is in a wheelchair, she sings, "Hallelujah". My eyes filled up with tears, she sang so beautiful, the song choices were amazing, but the number 1 reason why I sat there like a crying idiot - she was happy. They are all happy, you can feel it in their voices, they are happy. In that moment, I thought of my sons, if something as beautiful and moving as this can make them happy, I'm in.

It is my job as a mother to guide my children, to one day know that I helped them make the right choices for them, and not for me. I felt like a proud parent watching these amazing individuals perform, they not only gave me hope and faith, they made me feel an overwhelming sense of peace - a peace that I not only appreciate as a parent to children with special needs, but as a Support Worker, and as a loving person.

I not only recommend to the highest regard to see this choir, I recommend to listen, take it all in - it is a beautiful experience.

Rock on Momentum.


Here is an article that was written this past week -



  1. Hello Vanessa,

    Thank you for this post. It is wonderful. Are you okay if I put a link to this post on Momentum's website?

    Peace to you,


  2. Yes!!! For sure you can, I am amazed at what you do! :)

    Thank you!


  3. Love this!
    Your words are inspiring and written beautifully.

    Rock on Vanessa. ;)

  4. oxox Thank you Jen!!! Ask Mendelt, I was a crying mess, I was so over taken being there! Simply Amazing!

  5. Hi Vanessa
    Thank you sharing this with us.
    You touched me
    I have a friend that has a son who has Autism and if you would like it I could ask if you two could get in contact because it is so nice to have someone you can talk to and relate to. I too have gone through an extremely diffcult time in my life in fact several times but the worst was this year and what got me through was family and no matter what your kids do or dont in their futures do they will be amazing people and they will be taught all they need to know from you and your husband and they will be loved like they already are. I am blessed that you found peace by listening to our choir.It's a good feeling knowing we have helped someone in this kind of way through our voices.
    God has a plan for all his children and he always makes a way for us to get through our life a good and bad times and gives us blessings. I have been blessed now a few times lately with unexpected things I never saw coming and I know your kids will have an amazing life. God bless

  6. Thank you Ingrid :)

    That means so much to me, and thank you for reading :)