Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A man of few words..

I have always thought of the day when Owen would get hurt in someway or another, of how he would express enough through actions or words to tell Ryan and I what happened. Most of the time in the past 2 years, Owen would fall off of a chair, or stub his toe, or have a sore tummy (one of the HARDEST to guess!) and he would just look at me and scream... because in his world, I should obviously know what he did, where it hurt - because I didn't know if you all knew, parents to a non-verbal child are mind readers ;)

When Owen began to express some language, we thought YES! Now we can teach him how to tell us when something is wrong - not so much. He can label like a champ, mand (which is ask for something specifically for himself like, "milk") fantastic, but he was limited.. that's all we can get from him.

But, that has all changed.

We have had 3 different situations, and I wasn't going to write about the first couple because naive me, I don't give that kid enough credit and I legit thought it was a fluke.. how could something we have wanted and worked on for 2 years come true? :)

Situation 1 -

Owen climbs on our dining room chairs. No its not safe, but he is cat like and he does it. Suddenly, we heard a CRASH and Owen fell. Ryan ran in there, and Owen was sobbing, looked at Ryan and pointed to his elbow and said, "ouch". PERFECT! Our, "say ouch Owen, say ouch when you hurt" paid off!! It's a fluke we both said, praised him like he just cured hunger and that was that.

Situation 2 -

Owen, once again, fell while he was walking... tripped over our living room rug and fell. We thought he was more funny than anything, I swear it didn't look bad at all, but to Owen it was bad. Bad enough, that he went to us in the kitchen, said, "ouch" and pointed to his butt. Ryan looked at me, looked at Owen, and I quote, "Owen, I'm sorry I'm not kissing your ass you will never have that over me".

Situation 3 -

We woke up this morning, Owen was a little miserable, and he was sobbing in the living room on the couch under his blanket. I asked him what was wrong, but of course, just continued to cry. I sat on the couch, and he came and sat on my lap, lifted his foot and said, "ouch". Little bugger had a sliver n his foot, I took the sliver out and we cuddled for 20 minutes. I was in total shock that he is now communicating when he is hurt, I am so proud of this little guy!

It was a hard skill to learn and adapt our minds to, when Owen was still non-verbal. We had to take communicating with words out of the equation to interact with Owen. Even though we adapted our lives to this way of speaking with Owen, with pictures, certain sounds for certain items and gestures, the hope always stayed that he would begin to use communication with words, to make life a bit easier on him, and for him to have more independence. It is so different now being able to have a little conversation with this kid - when he yells,, "MAMMA" when he is looking for me throughout our house, or I will ask if we are already to go!, and I hear a, "yes".

It's the little things that typical parents get to experience around the 2 1/2 - 3 yr mark.. I cherish it so much, even if we had to wait till Owen was 4 1/2, my friends - it is all worth it.



  1. thank you!!!! for us, it's another step we have been wanting for him for so long!