Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eyeful Images - The Boys new logo.

The guilty mother in me, could not let my Autism Walk/Run team, for Team Coens walk without representing Benjamin this year. We had a beautiful logo made for us last year, by my friend Jennifer Geyers husband, Eddie.

We wanted a design with one main symbol - the Autism Puzzle Piece, but other than that, I didn't know what else we wanted. It was so hard to think of another logo, when the first one Eddie created for Owen was so beautiful, it was hard to think outside the box.

Jennifer passed on all this information to Eddie, and we would hear soon. Last night, I was at work, and got an email from Eddie. The logo was complete, and even though it may appear as a, "simple" design, Eddie had so much more meaning behind it - that brought me to tears at 9pm at night, at work.

Without further a due, here is our 2012 and forever design, Eddie, I can not thank you enough for the thought and love you put into this, it means so much to Ryan and I. oxox


Here is the email that tells the story of the Boys new Autism Logo;

I designed one today that I thought I would pass along. Maybe before you look at it - read the story behind it so the "simple" design makes a little more sense.

"Story behind the design.

I was originally thinking of simply adding Ben to the last logo but then thought - that's no fun. I wanted to come up with something new seeing as how they are going through this journey together. When I was trying to come up with an idea, I was stumped, until I focused on the word "journey". Growing up, I know most of my journeys/adventures started out with a backpack & a bike ride (as I am sure most of ours did). So coincidentally - I thought of a bike. I wanted to design an bike that we could all relate back to when we started out our adventures/journeys as kids so it had to be an older "retro" style bike, but still had to be cool enough that kids today would jump on and ride it - maybe a flag & runners I thought. So that's what I did. I still wanted to incorporate the puzzle pieces, so what better place to put them then on the bikes flag. It shows pride and it shows the world that that bike is going to take them on an incredible journey that us onlookers can only imagine. I also wanted the design to be very simple. While I don't know first hand the experiences of raising autistic children - I can only imagine the ups & downs, emotions and questions you must have as parents. I'm sure you are wishing there were simply more hours in the day to do what you have to do. Crazy, hectic times. But at the end of the day - kids simply look at the world as being what is is to them "simple". "

Talk to you soon.

Edwin Geyer
Eyeful MG

I think we can all appreciate the thought, love, and truth behind this logo. Remember the story when you see Owen and Ben's team walking in Welland on June 2, 2012.


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