Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, February 27, 2012

Bonjour ..

..that's pretty much the extent of my french. It is so sad, I truly think that french is a beautiful sounding language, but since Grade 4 when it was introduced to me by Madame Howe at Westmount Public School in Thorold, it never clicked. That is the subject that I totally admit to bringing D's...no joke.

Ryan and I discuss about when the kids get older, what subjects he would be better at and vice versa. Obviously, Ryan would tackle math with the kids, science.. all the boring hard stuff. I will help with English, projects, drama ;) We have not even discussed French, maybe ship him off to my old step-sister Nicole's house? She is legit one of the only french people we know :)

So after knowing all of this, you can imagine our surprise and total jaw dropping shock when Owen sprung yet ANOTHER surprise on us. This kid, who was classified as, "non-verbal" and severe, broke out in counting to 10 in French.. yep - Owen can count to 10 in French. He taught himself by watching French counting cartoons on YouTube.

I find myself quite a bit referring to not giving this little guy not enough credit, which I need to change. I just feel that when your told one thing as a parent with Autism, for instance but not limited to, "don't expect too much", "not all children respond to intensive therapy".. its a scary thought not knowing what your child's abilities are going to be. After I heard Owen counting in french, it just made me think, "YEA! Take that Autism, Doctors - Everyone, take it, my kid just did that..did you see that!".

Owen, I am awaiting eagerly for your next whirlwind surprise my love, you amaze me.


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