Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Thursday, January 26, 2012

No, he will not grow out of it.

Lately, I have been amazed to here how great Owen has developed. Maybe that is why I don't have to write so much anymore ;)

He is speaking, he is doing well in school with minimal meltdowns, he is easily taken out of his, "Autistic world" at school, he is rocking Speech and OT appointments. I have nothing to really complain about lately - he makes me so proud.

I can take him anywhere, last Thursday we went on a, "Mommy - Owen date". He was supposed to attend his first time at Special Olympics, but since it was snowstorm and the signs were covered in snow, we missed it. Instead though, Owen and I went out for dinner and for a drive, he was amazing. Then on Monday, I took Owen and Ben out for breakfast with my cousin Melissa and again, amazing.. Melissa is a teacher, and could not get over the changes in him. He sat, ate his breakfast, all without relying on his ipad.

Yet, with all this major improvements, and our whole family knows that basics of this condition - (with you for life, can never be cured but can be treated effectively, genetic/environmental cause not vaccinations etc.. ) I still get asked if he is going to grow out of it. I still get told that he will have a, "normal" life, I shouldn't have to worry - look how far he as come.

I appreciate people's positive outlook, whether they actually believe it or just trying to make us feel better, because really.. Ryan and I have no clue what is in store for us as parents to a person with Autism. Daily, we are faced with the harsh reality of having a child with severe Autism can lead to, then I read about others who go onto college and have lives.. we can't say right now where Owens life is going to head.

When people tell me not to worry, and look how smart he is, he will be fine - I have to actually tell myself not to say anything back, only say - I know. It is not my place to remind everyone of the reality that only support workers or family to someone with ASD would understand - its not worth it to debate over, because even though Ryan and I have accepted it will be what it is - we realize it will take our friends and family a lot longer to accept and come to grips with.

Our lives have changed so much in 2 years, I am not going to get full into detail, as Owen's 2 year diagnosis is only a mere 16 days away (I will save that for a longer, heart wrenching post all in it self) it is almost amazing to see what 2 years can do.

So till that post, I will just keep reminding myself that everyone is only being positive because that's how we comfort people we love - I appreciate it. :)

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