Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, January 9, 2012

Maddie, really?

I am sure you have been there, you think you are going through the most you can go through in one life time, and then something actually gets worse when you think there is no possible way in hell it could - it did.

I remember when Owen was not developing as he should, the sounds he was making, the behaviours he was exhibiting, like I have said several times, we knew at 15 months things were not typical with him. Even though we felt with all our hearts it was Autism, no Doctor would diagnose him until all the necessary steps were taken. So, we went through all the loops and dips - and it started with Speech Services Niagara.

At 2, Owen was barely talking, but inorder for the steps to be taken when you have a child with ASD, you start at Speech Services, to see if anything can improve from there, so the child is not just having a hard time to communicate.... the rest of the story is history.

Maddie, we refer to as the hope ;) .. she has always developed typically, not as quick as other girls her age, but now has caught up, and we legit have no concerns. At preschool, they complete with the child a developmental screen, showing where the child is and where they should be. The score is out of 12, and is complied of fine and gross motor, communication, and social. Maddie scored 7.. and is advised to go to Speech Therapy for an assessment. This killed me.

Maddie is a totally different person at school then at home, she barely speaks, is super shy, and doesn't want to do anything. At home - she is wild and wont shut up ;)

So, needless to say, having her have an appointment at Speech Services at the end of this month, is driving me nuts. I know it can help her, I know it doesn't mean more is wrong, I know all of this and I don't want to be mad feel worse or better about it... It just reminds of of 3 years ago.

Wish us luck, and that she rocks it.


  1. She'll knock their socks off! She's beautiful and social and caring. Brennan loves her. Went back to the gym tonight for the first time since November. Hoping you have time to get there too.

  2. Hey!! I didn't even see this till now! hahaha. She loves Brennan wayyyy to much! haha. I know - its today, and Ryan thinks its a waste of time, but at least we can rule it out! :) Missing the gym sooooo much.