Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, October 9, 2011

We survived the first month of school :)

It was a stressful and busy month, but Owen survived. He is still in the process of getting to know his teachers, school, and what is expected of him - but he is doing well. Owen has a hard time with transitions, especially from leaving a preferred activity to something not so desirable .. like being outside then going in for a story ... he doesn't think so.

They needed to find a motivator for Owen, something for him to finish a non-preferred task and just this past week, they discovered it! Owen will work for computer time, which is wonderful! He finished his entire lunch with no issues!! yay!!

He has had many firsts since starting school, he sat through his first assembly for Terry Fox and clapped at the end, he is learning his friends names and actually calling them by their names, and this coming Wednesday he will be going on his first school field trip, with his momma volunteering.

I am writing today, being that it's Thanksgiving, I wanted to write again this year what I am most thankful of. I am thankful for :

-First and for most, I am thankful for my 3 healthy, beautiful children that give me the ability to be the best mom I can be daily.
- I am thankful thinking how far we have come in a year, Owen is now classified as verbal, Maddie has become her own amazing compassionate person, and Ben is showing me I don't have to worry right now.
-I am thankful to have 2 wonderful families, who are so supportive and so amazing to us, and our children.
-I am thankful for having my mom back, we are getting as close as ever, and I think about her all the time.
-I am thankful to have the strength and ability to see who enriches our lives, and who doesn't, and able to keep the amazing ones around and the not-so amazing - kick em' to he curb :)
-I am thankful to see what wasn't making me happy, and change it for the better.
-I am thankful that haircuts for Owen are getting a "bit" easier.

-I am thankful for goodlife fitness :)

Lastly, we took a walk and participated in the first ever Autism Niagara Illumination walk at the Falls, to raise awareness for Autism this month. The Falls was lite up with all the colours that symbolize autism, and we were led down he stairs by bagpipes, it was beautiful. Owen was not too sure of the sound of the bagpipes, but really... if you think about it, it is kind of a unique sound that any ones ears need to adjust too, so I am not surprised. He loved stimming off the bars on he rocks at the falls and seeing the lights. What a beautiful scene it was, I was so proud to be there.

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