Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, October 31, 2011

A Halloween Triumph!

We did it!!! We are totally celebrating the fact that Owen is keeping his costume on, without tearing it off as fast as he can. Last year when Owen was in Preschool, he wore his toy story green alien costume, but the bad part was it had a mask... that Owen refused to keep on. It was the cutest costume, everyone loved it.. but Owen ;)

So this year I promised myself and him, we would pick one out together, and I would make sure he loved it, and could sucessfully keep it on. We all went out shopping, and Maddie of course picked out her Snow White costume, while Owen has really been obessing over the Cars movie, more inparticular, Lightning McQueen.

So, the costume he eneded up with, is an outfit with cars characters all over it, and a hat to go with it, he almost looks like a mechanic for Lightning McQueen.. the costume must have been a hit with lots of families, I have seen it twice today alone! haha. So, the night we brought it home, I was still nervous he was going to freak over wearing it, so I thought I would let him and Maddie try them on, and we had a month to work on it for Owen.

To my DELIGHT and SHOCK, that little bugger LOVED IT! and he keeps it on with no issue, we even went to the other end of the spectrum where he wanted to wear it to bed, which I would have rather then what we went through last year!!

Here are some pictures from the night Owen and his sister wore their costumes around the house, since today is Halloween, I will post more pictures later when they go out this evening :)

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