Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Thursday, September 8, 2011

the wheels on the bus ....

I had really positive feelings about this, like we were ready to bring on the bus. Owen has been exposed to riding a bus at his ASD Brock camp, and from what I could tell, he loved it. So, we tossed around the idea of having Owen go on the bus or if we would drive him.

I weighed the options, if I drive him - I can have total control over him, make sure he is at school on time, he is ready to go. On the bus, it would give him more independence, exposed to other children on the bus - what to do. After seeing how excited he was a the first rider program at the pen, we knew he was ready, but were we?

So, the first day I got to drive Owen to school, it was only a half day. He did pretty well, I mess of course. He found his own cubby, went with the teacher, gave me a kiss and he was gone. The 2nd day, was full day JK and on top of that, we were expecting him to take the big bus - we were SUPER nervous.

Little man RAN to the bus, he was so excited! Me being the over protective mother, made a sheet a couple nights before, listing his diagnosis, what could happen if he gets off the bus, and our pictures so that he only goes to us - yes it was a lot, but its totally for his safety, and the drivers..haha.

She totally ignored me, made me feel horrible, Owen was upset he didn't know why we were not going on the bus with him, it was a wreck. Ryan jumped in the van, followed the bus to the school to make sure he got there alright, and took pictures to prove to me that everything was fine.

When Owen was dropped off, after another good day at school, I got to sort of explain to her, and he was sitting at the front, where I wanted :)

This morning, he ran to the bus like it was his job, went on the bus with NO issues, sat where she told him to sit and rode off like a little man. When he got home, he was so happy, and his communication book I started with his awesome teacher said the same thing, he did amazing and ate most of his lunch!! He loved the singing, block time, circle time, the older kids coming to help, he had a great day.

This is going to be a totally new journey for us, and for him, but I am confident this will help, in a good way! oxox

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