Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hows your other kid doin'?

I alot of people who know our situation, ask me frequently how Ben is doing, when his next appointment is, if I still, "feel like he is", and all the what ifs. So, I thought since my little muffin man as reached 18 months August 24th, I would update you all on ASD Suspicion #2.

Ben is behind, as I wrote before (I am pretty sure I did) Ben is developmentally behind, which sucks. I mean its not as bad as a lot of situations out there, but for a mom who is just praying daily for milestones to be met on time, its a bad feeling. This was told to us by Dr. Donkor 6 months ago, and he would bet his career that Ben is alright, not autistic, and just behind, and all kids normally catch up.

So, for the past 6 months, I have been a crazy wide eye watching mom, watching for walking, crawling, talking, even gurggle talk - and here are my findings - from Dr. mom.

By 18 months Ben "Should" be doing these -

18 months Will "read" board books on his own
Scribbles well Strings two words together in phrases
Brushes teeth with help
Stacks four blocks Throws a ball overhand
Takes toys apart and puts them back together
Shows signs of toilet training readiness

Ummm No - Ben does not do that.

Ben will look at books, if they are on the floor near him.
He can scribble :)
He does not have words, like at all..
Will not brush his teeth on his own
no ball overhand, can stack
will take toys apart, not sure how to put them back together
NO toilet training readiness.. seriously.

I realize every baby develops differently, and yes, I know, "boys are slower", but Ben is pretty behind of all the babies his age we know, which is a bit scary. Ben just started to walk in early August, but still chooses to crawl (its fast obviously!)

We are comparing Owen to Ben, and where there some similarities, there is also differences. Owen (at Bens age) had words, 5 of them, and he lost 3 of them within a very short period of time - Ben has none.
Owen walked and crawled on time - Ben did not.
Owen was very bothered and would have screaming tantrums when I vacuumed the house, he was very over sensitive - Ben could give 2 shits about the vacuum, he would rather chase it.
Owen was a great eater, then around 18 months, became very picky, lots of textile issues. - Ben, eats anything in sight.

I guess whats the most difficult issue to deal with, is when you are a parent of a child with ASD, or really any type of disability, and you have another child, and you are playing the waiting game.... to see if your child is alright, and you are literally paranoid the entire time, and maybe we find ourselves looking for something? In our situation, it doesn't help that Ben is developmentally behind.

So, our appointment will be made this month, my luck Dr. Donkor will wait till he is 2 to see him again, and maybe then we can get some answers. Even having Ben on the wait list for speech, regardless if he has ASD or not, will help in case he does and we are waiting for a diagnosis.

We also were in a sibling program with Brock, but have no heard back from them in a couple months, so we are kind of on our own right now, but I do feel confident in our abilities to handle whatever comes our way - even moving to Alberta for government funding, believe me.. if you ask any parent here with a child with ASD about wait list, I am sure you will get an ear full.

So, wish us luck.. and I will keep all of you updated :)


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