Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where have I been for a month!

Once again, I have broken my promise to blog once a week, and believe me.. I have so much to write about. I don't want to make excuses, but I will say that so much has happened this month.. so this blog may be long ;)

First of all - we got our pictures from the Tiny Light Foundation. Owens story has not been posted as of yet, but we did get our pictures from Vanessa, our photographer. I was so happy with them, they are amazing! I can't wait to read the story when it is finished.

After we recieved the pictures, we then took a trip to Marmora, it is past Peterbourgh and Ryans family is from there. We have taken the children there for the past 3 years, they love it... and it is a nice break for Owen. Our friends the Campeaus came with us, and Ry's parents. We took a day trip to Ottawa, Ryan has never been - and went to a museum and Parliament.. amazing.

When we came home, Owen then attended a camp at Brock University for children and Youth with ASD. I was a little nervous at first, to leave him alone with stranger from 8:30-3:30pm everyday, but he loved it. They took Owen swimming at the YMCA, to Marineland, Bowling (he loved!) and on hikes. It is a movement camp, and Owen loves to be in motion!! I can not thank that camp enough, and now I know for next year to put him in the 2 weeks, not just one!

That brings us to this week! yay!!

Ryan and I made the hard decision of taking Owen out of Brick By Brick. It was an emotional choice as he has been there right from diagnosis, and has made so many improvments (talking, requesting, colours, numbers, patterns, spelling his name, writing his name, emerging play, sharing, dressing, tracing, and so much more). For Ryan and I, we were strapped financially, our fundraiser money ran out, almost made it a year!! and I have been off work for a stress leave from my soley autistic area at work, so we are not bringing in the money we were. They gave him a little party, and I picked him up early as he has a fever today - and I cried. I gave them flowers, and reminded them its not personal, and we love them, and so does Owen.

This month, Owen also rode a school bus for the first time at camp, and LOVED IT! So i brough him to the first riders program at the Pen Centre, and he was amazing! He sat on the bus like a pro!! and put my mind at ease for sending him on the bus. At first I didn't want too, but after seeing him, and I will make sure he is able to sit at the front, I think it will be alright :)

and lastly, we celebrated OWEN'S 4TH BIRTHDAY!!!! We did it angry birds, and he loved it!! We had angry birds decorations, angry birds cake, everything! There was no crying this year when we sang Happy Birthday, and he sat down and actually ate his dinner at the cheeky monkey playground! with no issues! He had a wonderful 4th Birthday, and the family and friends who cared for him, were there :)

So, that has been our month! Busy, but wonderful. Now, this coming Tuesday, Owen will be starting JK, and I truly think he is going to love it :)

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